How to bake simple space muffins

How to bake simple space muffins

Learn how to bake simple space muffins!

Space cake recipe

“I love to cook with marijuana, sometimes I even put it in the food”

Being able to eat something which contains THC, is something nice for a change. Hence why this simple guide to baking your own spacecake. Which is an extremely easy thing to do.


First and most important: the ingredient list:

– 5,5 grams of ground weed (the weed here used is white widow)

– 2 Eggs

muffin mix (a kind similar to what we used)

– Butter(depending on how much the muffin mix requires. We needed 125 grams)



2 deep pans (for the  “au bain-marie” method , which means you need a small one that can float in the water of the other bigger pan)

– Lighter

– Grinder

– Spoon

– Coffee Filter

 – A joint

Weed and butter

Step 1) If you haven’t ground the weed, then do it now and collect it in the little pan.

Step 2) Fill the big pan with water, not too much so it can’t go over the edges and put it on the stove, with the stove at about 50% of its capacity.

Step 3) Take the paper of the butter cream and put it in the little pan.

Step 4) Now place the little pan in the big pan, so it floats. This way you can leave the pans at the stove for an hour, without any mixture going to waste.















Step 5) Light up a joint and wait for an hour. And maybe smoke another. You can whip the mixture with the spoon a little bit if needed during this hour.

Step 6) Take the pan of the stove

Step 7) Now filter the mixture through the coffee filter very carefully with the spoon. Try not to waste anything.







Step 8) Stir the mixture until it is one big firm structure.







Step 9)  Distribute the mixture over whatever molds you have. You can make one big cake, or use the muffin ones that we used that came with the muffin mix.

Step 10) Put the cake(s) in the oven and wait for about an hour (or what the muffin mix suggests), until the cakes have this nice golden/brownish colour.







Step 11) ENJOY!

 Space Muffins

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