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8 Stoner Budget Tips


Smoking weed is a fun thing to do, but it can get a very expensive, especially when you smoke a lot on a daily basis. The more you smoke, the higher your tolerance gets and the more you have to smoke. These days, in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2007-2008, it's difficult finding a job, so money can be a real issue for a lot of people. In this article we have some tips on how you can save some money while you continue to smoke marijuana.

weed dollar bill

1. Grow Your Own Weed

Not every closet contains what you’d expect…

Growing your own weed is the best budgeting option for stoners available. Buying weed in a coffeeshop or from a dealer is quite expensive, especially in countries where marijuana is illegal. With just one seedling it is possible to grow over and over again and make sure that you never have to pay for your weed again! You never have to even think about the price when you’re smoking and you can give it away to everyone. Of course you still have to pay for your growing setup in the first place and your energy-bills are a lot higher when you use HPS-lights. Besides that, growing weed is often illegal and it takes some effort so it’s not made for everyone.


2. Buy your weed in large quantities

Weed has a very long shelf life, it can go for years if kept in a dark and dry place. Use a sealed bag or other container. You can store as much weed as you want. Buying weed in large quantities will give you a better price and an other advantage is that you don’t have to go to the coffeeshop or dealer very often and time is also money of course.


3. Buy a vaporizer(or make one yourself)

The inconspicuous Puffit vaporizer

Although vaporizers can be very expensive – when you want a very efficient one one – but it will save you money on the long run. With a vaporizer you can consume weed up to 3 times more effectively. Besides that, you can use the left-over weed to bake into edibles.

A vaporizer gives you a very strong head high instead of the body-stone you get from hitting a bowl. To achieve the body high you can still hit the bowl afterwards.

4. Save the branches coming from the buds

Of course you don’t like to smoke the little branches, but don’t throw them away! you have paid for them so you better use them afterwards to make some hash. You need a whole lot of them, but it’s definitely worth the effort.


5. Use a device that separates your hits

The PUK glass pipe does just this

A device, such as the Puk Glass Pipe, that will separate the different hits you’re going to take will save you some money ,because it makes sure that the weed that isn’t involved in your hit, doesn’t burn out.  This way you don’t waste that much weed when you fill a hole. Of course you can also just put less weed in your bowl, pipe, bong or other smoking device. But who really wants that?


6. Pay attention to the THC-level of the strain you’re going to buy

The White Widow strain is loved by many for its potency

There are two things that are important when you buy weed; quantity and quality. A lot of people (mostly inexperienced stoners) don’t pay much attention to the quality of the weed. When you’re going to choose a strain, you can better look up the THC-level of the strain, because on this way you can make a consideration between quantity and quality and make sure that you get the largest quantity THC (or other active components) for your money!

7. Make your own smoking devices

Making your own smoking devices is a lot of fun and is also very practical for stoners with a small budget. You need to have some creativity, but then you’re able to make different smoking devices  from a lot of  things that haven’t got any value anyway. You can make bongs from bottles, Pringles rolls, water-pistols and empty detergents; while making pipes out of old tubes, cans, pens and wood. In short, everything that looks like it could work, often will.


8. Save the remains

When you’re really out of money and pot, you can always fall back to your bag of roaches you saved during your smoking sessions.  I t’s your last hope, but better than nothing.

If you smoke joints, a small amount of marijuana and tobacco will often get left behind. Save this in a container, when the going gets tough you will have to spend some time separating the green from the tobacco. If you smoke regularly, this will be an excellent option to roll some extra joints. With pure marijuana joints or blunts it speaks for itself to gather whatever is left on the table.

Have a good tip yourself? Leave it in the comments and maybe we’ll add it to the list!

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