How To Make A Marijuana Hookah

How To Make A Marijuana Hookah


So you want to learn how to make a marijuana hookah? Then you've come to the right place!

Hookah guide

To be on your way on how to make a marijuana hookah, make sure you have the following items handy:

    1. A (complete) hookah
    2. Hookah coals
    3. A decent amount of weed - Think amongst the lines of 0.3 grams per 2 persons for a regular bowl.
    4. Hookah/shisha tobacco
    5. A working lighterA small gas torch works much faster
    6. Something small and pointy – To pierce tin foil. In this guide we use a small condensator with two pins, as part of tradition.
    7. Milk – If you don’t drink a lot of milk you can consider coffee milk, it has a much longer shelf life.
    8. Tin foil – Thicker is better; if you only have regular tin foil, you can use two sheets as used in this guide.
    9. Ice cubes – 3 or more, because cooler is better. When buying a hookah vase, always check if the opening is big enough to fit standard ice cubes through.


Let’s get started

Take your chosen amount of weed and grind it up nicely. If you smoke more often you can consider buying a grinder, to save you some time. Pile up all the weed. also brush it off your hands.
Grab the hookah bowl and the tobacco. Cover the bottom of the bowl with tobacco. Make sure to cover all the holes. Don’t use more tobacco than necessary. It will come in handy later.
Spread out around a third of the weed over the tobacco. Now add another thin layer of tobacco, leave enough room for what is to come.
Now evenly divide the remainder of the weed over the last layer of tobacco. Then cover this layer of weed with a bit more tobacco, but be sure to leave room between the tobacco and the top of the bowl. We don’t want it to burn!
Take two squared pieces of tin foil. If you can get your hands on thicker tin foil you can use just one. With regular thin foil you can use two sheets, to lower the chances of burning the bowl. Now wrap the piece(s) of tin foil around the bowl with the shiny side down.
Pierce the foil with you pointy object, in the pattern described on the right. The red area will be covered by the coal. The holes colored blue will suck fresh air in. For our hole-punching we always use our trusty condensator; try it sometime, you will never use anything else.
Fill the vase with water, a bit of milk and as many ice cubes as you can fit. Make sure that the opening of the hookahs shaft is submerged in about 2 to 3 centimeters of water (about an inch). The milk will provide you with a much thicker smoke, wheras the ice cubes will enhance the cooling of the smoke. Tip: Try placing the filled vase in the freezer for a short while before usage.
Light the coal and wait until it is completely lit (it should be glowing red). Then place the coal in the center of the tin foil layer. Proceed by placeing your hookah in the designated wall-mount. If you do not have a wall mount, or if you are to lazy to fabricate one (it’s worth it!), make sure that your hookah is on a stable surface, without too much stretch on the hose. I have seen many a hookah tumble to the ground, burning holes wherever the coal drops.


Have fun smoking your marijuana hookah!