3 Ex-Cops Smoking Weed for the First Time [Trailer]

The team behind the '3 grandmas smoking weed for the first time' are having another attempt at breaking the internet. This time, with 3 ex-cops.


In a new video trailer published earlier today, the team behind the famously gone viral ‘Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time‘, 3 ex-cops are shown smoking weed for what is apparently their first time.

For now, the only released video is 32 seconds long and is a warm-up for the final video which according to cut.com will be released on 4:20.

Both this video and the previous video, are an attempt at normalizing cannabis use which we highly encourage.

Legalizing marijuana is one thing, normalizing is looking past that already.

  • Eric Brandt

    Sure, for the first time today maybe.