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Multiple events are taking place today around the globe and of course in Amsterdam too. I decided to follow and report on The Elite Cup. For direct updates, I recommend following me on snapchat by adding username ‘stonedsociety’ and/or adding me on Instagram by adding ‘thestonedsociety’.

Day 1 went with relative ease. After a visit to The Cannabis College and a couple of coffeeshops (Grey Area, MrKAndCo) with Brother Extracts (HomeGrown Cup 2016 winners).

Some of that @greyarea420 greenery: Skywalker OG Ice, Scott’s OG (@rare_dankness) and @karmagenetics Headbanger ??✌? #Amsterdam

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I had some good food and didn’t lose anything in the chaos that is Amsterdam. Later we headed to Prix d’Ami for some drinks and finding the rest of The Elite Cup judges who were eagerly anticipating their judge packs. They got disappointed however, as the organisation needed one extra day to prepare. Not very shocking if it’s just two people. From my own experience I know it’s practically impossible.

If you’re a connoisseur, you’re bound to find nice things here and in my opinion, still better than Barcelona

But with that in mind, I woke up safe and sound in Amsterdam with enough choice to smoke from. If you’re a connoisseur, you’re bound to find nice things here and in my opinion, still better than Barcelona.

After getting some breakfast, I went to a nearby located pub for the judge pack handout. Most people finally received their packs here, showing happy faces. But noticeable stress and worrying too.

We’re at @theelitecup with the @homegrowncup crew ? More to follow! ?: @thecannabalist #elitecup #elitecup2017 #Amsterdam

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With those people still left at the end of the afternoon, we went on a coffeeshop tour, stopping at Green Place, Bagheera (with Accelerator Seeds weed and Rainbow Kush Cakes from @amsterdamediblesconnection on the menu).

After we ate something, we also had a nice little stop at coffeeshop Johnny (with a lot of Amsterdam Genetics stuff on the menu) to pick something up (Blue Dream Block in my case). Eventually we made it to MrKAndCo which was our last stop of the tour, where they luckily still had some Kandy Kush Ice hash left. About 10 people made it of 15 to the end of the tour. Not bad for Amsterdam!

happy 420 the elite cup 2017
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For today our program involves a smokeout at the location with if everything goes as planned, an awards ceremony and music. Luckily I come prepared. It reminds me of the last Cannabis Cup from High Times in 2014, except this is even more chaotic. And with all those expos and fairs i’ve visited by now, I say bring it on! I’ve got my dabrig with me, laptop and enough stuff to smoke to ensure our 420 will go up in smoke either way!