How to germinate marijuana seeds


Germinating seeds is a process that takes place in a few simple steps. In general, there are three ways to germinate your seeds. An important thing to know is that there’s no light required for the seeds to germinate, only a humid environment. Light is only important when the first leaves appear, till then it doesn’t matter whether it’s light or dark.

  • Germinating seeds in a cup of water.
  • Germinating seeds on a wet surface
  • Germinating seeds in earth
  • Germinating seeds with a particular made germinating-environment

Make sure to wash your hands before touching the seeds! Seeds are very vulnerable for certain substances such as nicotine.

Germinating in a cup of water:

Germinating in a glass of water

Lay the seeds in a glass filled with water. Keep the temperature between 18 and 24 degrees. If the temperature is lower the seeds will germinate less fast and with a higher temperature there’s an opportunity for bacteria to grow and alga can arise. Because of new metabolism, osmosis and protein stagnating it’s recommended to renew the water every day.

Germinating seeds on a wet surface:

Germinated Marijuana seed
Germinating on wet toilet paper

Lay a dampened layer of toilet paper or cotton wool on a dish and position the seeds on top of it.

Lay another wet layer on top of the seeds (or fold your bottom layer over) and place another dish on top of it to make sure that the humidity level stays very high.

Germinating seeds in earth:

It’s also possible to put your seeds directly into the earth on the place you want your plant to start growing. Put the seed around 0.5 – 1.0 cm deep in the ground and sprinkle some water above of it. Take care of the humidity level by putting a glass on top of the seed or a plastic bag around the container the seed is in. The chances of germinating with this method are less than the previous two, so this is only recommended when you’re lazy and have more than enough seeds.

Germinating seeds with a particular made germinating-environment:

There are a lot of germinating-environments for sale such as the spongepots, these environments have the neccesary stuff aboard to make sure that the conditions for germinating are optimal and some even claim higher yields due to less stress. You just have to follow the instructions noted on the package of the product you bought.

  • Willie

    I have kept a handful of Panama Red seeds from the mid 70’s and haven’t had much luck successfully germinating them despite having kept them out of sunlight and moisture for all this time.

    It’s likely possible that viable embryo’s remain, but I haven’t had any luck as I’ve only tried the wet tissue approach and get mold started before moisture gets to the embryo and “wakes it up” …

    I only have about 50 beans left and really want to revive this incredible strain.

    Any suggestions … ?

    BTW, my goal is to get two males and as many females as possible in order to develop some fresh genetics to maintain the strain.

    I only grow for my own “benefit”, not for sale.

    Altho’ if Oregon’s Measure 91 passes, I’ll be handing out free samples left and right …

    While “New Riders of the Purple Sage” is blaring ‘Panama Red” from my RV’s stereo.

  • Willie

    Thanks to the person who sent me a link to a YouTube video with excellent advice on how to bring old seeds to life.

    Perhaps Panama Red will Ride Again!!!

    On his white horse Esposito, no less …