REVIEW: God Hates Us All – Hank Moody


<h2>God Hates Us All</h2>

Written by: Hank Moody

ISBN10: 1416598235

ISBN13: 9781416598237


I knew about the novel before, but I never had time to read it. So when I was ordering some books online, I figured I may as well order God Hates Us All by Hank Moody. It is written not by the actual actor obviously, but by Jonathan Grotenstein. Whom personally I had never heard of before, but then again I only read books so now and then which relate to whatever I’m currently working on.

When you start reading (and you have seen the TV show), you’ll find yourself looking for signs of Hank. They’re everywhere, and it’s brilliant. I’ve come across multiple parts that I literally read with David Duchovny’s voice. It’s brilliant in its own way. While reading I noticed multiple parts that I just had to write down, because it was so well thought off.

No, this isn’t the new state of the art novel everyone should read, although some might argue different. From my point of view it’s a brilliant little novel which should hopefully get more young adults back into reading books. The writer and everyone that helped producing the novel, really knew what kind of audience they were aiming at. Mostly males in their early twenties who can relate to these kind of stories. And sure, here and there things seem to go “too smooth”, because of course he ends up with the decision whether or not to fuck this Victoria Secret’s model, who, of course, is a virgin as she was waiting for “the one” and she wants it to be him, obviously. What happens next is what I leave to your imagination, or until you start reading it yourself.

<h2>Sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll</h2>
Any person that is somewhat interested in sex, drugs and rock and roll should definitely read this. It’s easy to read and you go through the pages, quicker than you can notice. The first time I looked up, it was around 3 AM, as we were having our regular night over at the stoned society office watching whatever we could find that seemed to fit our baked minds, and I found myself at page 132! The next time I looked up it was around 7 AM and I had almost finished the novel, but I figured I’d better smoke one more blunt and head take a nap. The sleep was merely slowing down my work. But i finished it immediately the next day when I woke up.

This is everything you wanted and expected. Even for people who don’t read books regularly, like many of the aimed audience. If you are one of those people, get over the “books are boring” bit, order this book by clicking HERE for a direct link to the amazon page and you’ll support the society too, so we can keep doing this and keep smoking weed. Happy reading, and thanks for the support!

Verdict: 9/10 !

<h2>”A Stoner MUST read!”