The importance of grief with regard to Kantian philosophy concerning decorative fencing.


‘A grieving process can emerge at a late stadium’, the therapist said while scratching his belly button area.

He remembered her crying and screaming her husband’s name and the moisture that was released with it.

She told him how she missed him, even though he had passed away a long time ago.

‘I miss him too,’ he said sarcastically. ‘I wish he could be here now to talk about the condition of the possibility of objects in general according to Kant, steaming milk, the pieces of fluff that the cat seems to bring along and what to do with it and the advantages of using railway ties as a decorative or perimeter fence.

‘What do you need a fence for?’ she asked. ‘You don’t even have a garden.’

‘Well, just in case I want to buy a garden, I need to put some fences in it, right? Look at it as a preparatory acquisition.’

‘Where will you store your fence in the mean time?’ she asked.

He sighed.

‘Well, maybe I will buy a pool and use the fence as a pool fence in order to improve pool safety and to help prevent small children from accidentally falling into the pool.’

‘You don’t have children,’ she noted dexterously.

He was getting annoyed.

‘I will make some,’ he said bluntly.

And they would.

And so they used the railway tie as a pool fence, bought a garden, moved the fence there as planned and killed their son with their irresponsible behaviour concerning pool safety.

Their lawyer was quite upset when he learned the news, but underwent his legal punishment with professional dignity as befits. They would pay him visits from time to time and talk about fluffy cats and steaming milk, but all they sensed was the penetrating scent of musk and nobody knew where it came from.