Movie review: Ted (2012)

Stoner movie review

Ted is Seth MacFarlane’s directing debut, featuring a solid cast including Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and of course Seth MacFarlane as the voice and ‘motion actor’ of Ted.  The story revolves around John (Mark Wahlberg), who as a child wishes his teddy bear to come to life, which it magically does. Lori (Mila Kunis) is John’s girlfriend of four years and the focus is on the relationships between the three.

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Motion capture makes its way to an R-rated movie with Seth MacFarlane playing the body and voice of teddy bear Ted. The plot makes use of over-the-top clichés, but fortunately does not take itself serious in that. With Seth MacFarlane being the producer of Family Guy, you can expect a lot of similar humor in Ted. 9/11 jokes, long  fights, repeating gags, endless references and many cameos. Seth has shown that his style of humor translates to a live action movie really well. While the story may turn out to be a bit innocent and simple, It’s is not the main reason to watch this film. A lot of the jokes are executed well, there is good pacing between them and many will have you laughing out loud.

Ted (2012) stoner movie review

Due to the occasional marijuana usage, Ted can be considered a stoner movie. Yet it is a bit too much of a mainstream movie to be considered amongst the true stoner movies.  Mark Wahlberg plays a role that fits in the ‘useless stoner’ category. While he has a job and a girlfriend to attend to, he doesn’t take it all too serious.

With Ted Seth MacFarlane has shown that he has a future in live action movies, and we are sure looking forward to whatever he has in store for us.

IMDB rating:  7.8

Stoner rating:  7.8