Rock Werchter 2013 Festival Review


This year’s Rock Werchter was held during the 4th of July until the 7th of July. Our very own editor Mauro attended the festival and arrived at camping A3 in the evening of the 3rd, one day before the festival. The 8th of July, he left knowing it were again 4 awesome days of Rock Werchter!


Having a camping XL ticket, we arrived Wednesday evening, only to not much later start queuing for camping A3. We were with a fairly big group existing of 7 people and were very lucky there was a small spot left for our party tent while our sleeping tents had to be set up nearby. When everything was finally set up, we cooled our beers with some dry ice, fired up the hookah and rolled some joints to get us through the night.

Queuing for the A3 camping