REVIEW: Jim Morrison The Lords And The New Creatures

Title: Jim Morrison The Lords And The New Creatures
Publisher: Touchstone; 1st ed. Touchstone edition (October 15, 1971)
ISBN-10: 0671210440
ISBN-13:  978-0671210441


This little book with poems is in fact a combination of  2 poetry releases of Jim Morrison. It was released after his tragic death in 1971, like many of his poems which were published posthumously.

Due to my increasing interest into the person Jim Morrison, rather than the band The Doors, I figured I might as well buy this little book for my literature collection: Jim Morrison The Lords And The New Creatures When I received the book, I switched to some music by The Doors in the  background to fit the setting. Because it’s not a novel, but a collection of his poems, it shouldn’t be read as a novel. What becomes clear is Jim’s vision on the society, art and of course sex and drugs mostly.

If you have listened to the album an American Prayer from The Doors, you may recognize some lyrics, as some of these poems were used in the posthumously published album. It’s one of the less well known albums, but it contains one of my favorite The Doors songs: The Ghost Song. If you are reading this review, you are probably a fan of The Doors and Jim Morrison himself in general too, so you are most likely known with the album.

The book itself contains one poem for every page , which fills up to around 130 novels, 141 pages in total. Do not let that trick you, there may not be many pages and less words than an average novel, but because Jim’s poetry contains so much emotions from the man himself, it’s  either shocking, erotic or inspiring, or simply all of them which will force you to think about the meaning of the poem.

Not only that, but it gives young people from now more insight in the era where Jim and his companions conquered the world. You can see Jims’ struggle to accept the society as it was in the 70’s and also the life in the city LA.

Jim has made these poems interesting for a large diversity of people. Whether you are just collecting material from The Doors, or you want to have a closer look into the life  in the 70’s through the eyes of Jim Morrison, it should for everyone be a nice addition to their collection.

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Stoner rating: 8.3