The Stoned Society Cannabis Episodes List

We present you: The Stoned Society Cannabis Episodes List!

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Note: At all times The Stoned Society Cannabis Episodes List is a work in progress, so if you have a suggestion to add to the list, leave a comment or send us an email.

– American Dad! S03E19: Joint Custody

– Californication S03E02: The Land Of Rape And Honey

– Family Guy S07E012: 420

– Friends S01E15: The One With The Stoned Guy

– How I Met Your Mother S03E05: How I Met Everyone Else

– How I Met Your Mother S07E10: Tick Tick Tick

– Mad Men S03E03: My Old Kentucky Home

– My Name Is Earl S02E08: Robbed A Stoner Blind

– Simpson S13E16: Weekend at Burnsie’s

– Simpsons S22E16: A Midnight Summer Nice Dream (with Cheech & Chong)

– South Park S02E04: Ikes Wee Wee

– South Park S14E3: Medicinal Fried Chicken

– That 70’s Show: every episode

– Weeds S02E08: MILF Money

– Workaholics: Pretty much every episode


What’s your favorite marijuana related episode? Leave it in the comments!

  • I thought the Sarah Silverman Program did a great job with their “High, It’s Sarah” episode. But the biggest omission from this list is “Towelie” from South Park.

    • Okay we’ll check out that episode. And the Towelie episode can make on to the list I guess. Thanks!