The Ultimate Complete Stoner Movies List

Looking for a good movie to watch while getting baked? Tired of those stupid top 10 lists of stoner movies on the internet where you watched every single movie on those lists like 10 times already? Want to know if there was actually weed smoked in a movie? Look no further, because we present you: The Ultimate Complete Stoner Movies List!


Have a movie we should add to the list? Add it in the comments! We’ll watch it and give it an appropiate stoner rating! Whats a “Stoner Rating”? The Stoner Rating is a way of rating movies which for the greater public aren’t good movies, but are ideal watches for stoners. Since some movies are simply better to be watched stoned. While some movies in this list do not feature any weed at all, we figured they should make the list nevertheless because they are still good watches for stoners. That’s why the last column contains a green yes if weed is being used in the movie.

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MovieStoner RatingIMDB ratingYearGenreGenre 2Weed used?
2001: A Space Odyssey8.48.41968Sci-FIAdventure
21 jump street8.27.52012ComedyActionYes
A very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas7.76.42011ComedyYes
Ali G InDaHouse7.362002ComedyYes
Almost Famous8.27.92000MusicDrama
American Pie (and the sequels…)7.96.91999ComedyRomanceYes
American Reunion8.37.42012ComedyYes
Apocalypse now8.78.61979DramaWarYes
Bio Dome5.33.91996ComedyYes
Cheech and Chong9.16.81978ComedyMusicYes
Children of Men7.882006DramaSci-Fi
Clerks 27.57.52006ComedyYes
Club Dread5.45.42004ComedyHorror
Dazed and Confused8.37.61993ComedyDramaYes
Dead Poets Society7.17.81989Drama
Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking your Juice in the Hood8.56.31996ComedyCrimeYes
Doug Benson: Super High Me8.96.32007ComedyDocumentaryYes
Dude, where’s my car?8.05.22000ComedySci-FiYes
Easy A7.27.12010ComedyRomanceYes
Easy Rider7.37.31969CrimeDramaYes
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind8.68.42004DramaSci-FiYes
Evil Bong (1 +2)6.63.82006ComedyHorrorYes
Family Guy presents: It’s a Trap!8.772010ComedyAnimation
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas9.67.61998AdventureDramaYes
Forrest Gump9.28.71994DramaRomanceYes
Four Lions8.27.32010ComedyDrama
Friday after next7.95.32002ComedyYes
Get Him to the Greek7.16.52010ComedyYes
Grandma’s Boy7.66.92006ComedyYes
Half Baked8.66.41998ComedyCrimeYes
Harold & Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay8.16.62008ComedyAdventureYes
Harold & Kumar go to White Castle8.77.12004ComedyAdventureYes
Heavy Metal6.56.51981AnimationFantasy
Hemp For Victory5.45.41943DocumentaryShort
High Fidelity7.57.62000ComedyMusic
Horrible Bosses6.872011ComedyCrime
Hot Fuzz8.27.92007ComedyAction
How High7.85.72001ComedyYes
Humboldt County8.16.22008ComedyDramaYes
I love you man7.77.12009ComedyRomanceYes
I love You, Alice B. Toklas6.16.11968ComedyRomanceYes
In Bruges8.282008ComedyCrime
Into the wild8.48.22007AdventureBiography
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back8.06.82001ComedyYes
Knocked Up7.97.32007ComedyRomanceYes
Magic Trip6.26.22001DocumentaryYes
Mr. Nice8.86.32010BiographyComedyYes
Next Friday7.55.52000ComedyYes
Office Space8.47.91999ComedyCrime
Our Idiot Brother7.46.52011ComedyDramaYes
Outside Providence6.961999ComedyRomanceYes
Pineapple Express8.772008ComedyActionYes
Pink Floyd: The Wall9.47.81982MusicMusical
Police Academy (all of them)6.46.41984ComedyCrime
Project X6.56.52012ComedyYes
Puff Puff Pass8.15.32006ComedyYes
Pulp Fiction9.191994CrimeThrillerYes
Pump up the volume7.86.91990DramaMusic
Raising Arizona7.67.51987ComedyAdventure
Reefer Madness7.53.51936DramaYes
Requiem for a dream8.88.42000DramaYes
Road Trip8.26.42000ComedyAdventureYes
Role Models7.972008ComedyRomanceYes
Rolling Kansas8.26.12003ComedyYes
Run From the Cure9.32008DocumentaryYes
Saving Grace8.26.82000ComedyCrimeYes
Scary Movie (and the sequels…)7.862000ComedyYes
Scot Pilgrim vs the world8.37.62010ComedyActionYes
Secret Agent 420 0.0Yes
Smiley Face7.15.62007ComedyAdventureYes
Smokey and the Bandid (all three)6.66.61977ComedyAction
Son in Law5.15.11993ComedyDrama
Soul Plane7.23.82004ComedyMusicYes
Star Wars (all episodes)8.28.81977FantasyAdventure
Still crazy8.56.81998ComedyMusic
Stranger than fiction7.87.72006ComedyDrama
Super Troopers7.96.32001ComedyCrimeYes
Talladega nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby7.86.42006ComedySport
Tenacious D8.77.82006ComedyMusicYes
Thank you for smoking8.47.72005ComedyDrama
The Big Lebowski9.38.21998ComedyCrimeYes
The Breakfast Club7.97.91985ComedyDramaYes
The Dictator8.672012Comedy
The Doors9.171991MusicBiographyYes
The Foot Fist Way6.36.32006Comedy
The Guard8.67.32011ComedyCrime
The Hangover8.87.82009Comedy
The Hangover Part II8.16.62011Comedy
The Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy (the old and the new one)8.76.62005ComedySci-Fi
The Invention of Lying8.16.42009ComedyRomance
The men who stare at goats7.56.32009ComedyWarYes
The naked gun (and the sequels)7.57.61988ComedyCrime
The other guys6.86.62010ComedyCrime
The Rocker7.76.22008ComedyMusic
The Rum Diary8.36.32011ComedyDrama
The Slammin Salmon6.46.42009Comedy
The Stoned Age7.35.91994ComedyMusicYes
The Tripper5.55.12006HorrorYes
The Truman show8.181998ComedyDrama
The yes men fix the world7.77.52009ComedyDocumentary
Tommy Boy6.96.81995Comedy
Tropic thunder7.27.12008ComedyAction
Up in Smoke9.06.81978ComedyMusicYes
Walk Hard8.66.72007ComedyMusicYes
Where the Buffalo Roam8.16.41980BiographyComedyYes
Yellow Submarine7.57.21968AnimationMusicYes
Your Highness7.75.62001ComedyAdventureYes
  • how could you forget monty python & the holy grail?

    • We’ve seen it, while high… But didn’t add it at first, we’ll check it again and probably add it to the list! Thanks for the input!

  • Mac and Devin go to high school is a must add to the list ! 10/10 for rating !

    • Thanks! We’ve seen it, but forgot to add it to the list!

  • How about Superbad and Adventureland

    • Thanks for the input! We’ll watch them and add them to the list!

  • Hey! I guess Wes Anderson movies also should be listed! At least I’ve seen Moonrise Kingdom while high & that was more than awesome! 🙂

    • Thanks,seems we have something to watch this weekend then!

      We’ll watch them and add them to the list!

  • Article’s hella old but if anyone reads this:
    Amelie – Romance
    CUBE Trilogy – Sci Fi/Horror
    Dog Pound – Drama
    Mac & Devin go to Highschool – Comedy
    This is England – Drama
    Napoleon Dynamite – Comedy

    Only Mac & Dev has weed in it but the rest are really good movies to watch while you’re blistered.

    • thanks, will update the list again!

  • Ever heard of “Driving Bill Crazy” it’s an underground stoner comedy that’s f-ing hilarious.

    • Thanks for the tip!

  • solu61

    Do check out Lammbock…it is an awesome german stoner movie…

  • The list was great though it should be updated with some new movies.

    • The Stoned Society

      Thanks. And yeah it could use an update. Might relaunch it soon, adding 2013 & 2014 movies. So if you have a suggestion, don’t hesitate to comment!

  • Big Worm

    Top Buzzer should be added as well. A great show from the U.K. with 2 guys smoking and selling weed from their apartment. It only has 1 season which is a damn shame because it’s got some great characters in it.

  • Khalil Abdullah

    The Boys & Girls Guide To Getting Down (2008)
    If you haven’t seen it yet you’ll appreciate it if you watched.