What is the difference between high and stoned?

The difference between high and stoned explained.


Between experienced, inexperienced and too non cannabis users, there’s always been this debate whether the altered state of mind is called high or stoned. Especially when explaining it to inexperienced users or non users, who only know one or the other (usually embraced by a condemned stereotype).

In this article, we ask two questions and find out whether or not there should be made a separation:


Q1. High and stoned, the same thing or two separate states?


Q2. Do you prefer being high or stoned? Or is it all about the setting?


I’ve had this debate more than often with people and have been trying to explain the difference ever since. In the general public, there’s this common misunderstanding high and stoned are two of the same things. While experienced cannabis users argue there’s a clear difference.

So we ask the question:

[quote_center]Q1. High and stoned, the same thing or two separate states?[/quote_center]

Simply put, what cannabis essentially does is it strengthens your emotional state, which is largely related to the setting of the environment you are in. And then there’s always the personal state you’re in at that very moment, your personality as well as the people that you are with who can even influence whichever side you’ll end up on.

For example, when you’re with a small group of friends smoking in the evening and watching a movie, you are more likely to enter a stoned state of mind. Which will give you this relaxed, dreamy and ultimately sleepy feeling.

This is the common misconception of cannabis use, but also the one most people will remember who have only tried it once or twice and results in the stereotype of a lazy, non functioning member of society because that’s what it did to them: make them sleepy (especially in the form of a joint, existing of cannabis mixed with the mind narrowing drug tobacco).

We asked our twitter audience the question during a short Q/A and which resulted in the following feedback:

Going by the feedback we got, the answer is unanimous: there is a distinction and it should be separated and not be confused by one or another. Perhaps best put by one of the answers we got:

The follow up question we then ask is:

[quote_center]Q2. Do you prefer being high or stoned? Or is it all about the setting?[/quote_center]

Personally I find there’s a certain joy to both, but for me and for many other people it totally depends on the setting and also on who you are using it with and what you were initially planning on doing.

Going by the example we set in the first part of this article, when you go and watch a movie with some friends in the evening you’re bound to be couchlocked and thus getting stoned, which can be assumed as an intentional decision.

However, when you combine that stoned feeling to the high you are able to achieve in a crowd of energized people at a summer (music) festival, I personally prefer the latter. It may cost some more effort, but I can assure you it is totally worth it.

That higher, elevated state of mind can not only be more enjoyable, it can even be useful. The high you achieve can make you more focused and can make simple, brain dead proceedings like doing the dishes a breeze. Small mistakes can occur, but it can also result in brilliance when for example combined with an instrument.

Just like the first question, we asked our twitter audience the question too during the short Q/A we held for their feedback:

From this, I believe we can conclude high and stoned are here to coexist, because they are two separate things and people turn to one or the other for different reasons.

We would like to thank those involved for their cooperation in our twitter experiment and maybe we’ll do this another time!

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