Netherlands votes for growshop law, supplying growers now punishable by jail sentences up to 3 years

Today a majority of the Dutch Senate voted for the so-called growshop law, essentially prohibiting the supply, preparation and facilitating of illegal cannabis grows.


November 11, 2014 – Today a majority of the Dutch Senate voted for the so-called growshop law, essentially prohibiting the supply, preparation and facilitation of illegal cannabis grows.

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Growshops will now have to operate more discretely if they want to continue their business.

[quote_right]Dutch citizens with potential criminal penalties has now grown disproportionally[/quote_right]

It is already illegal to grow cannabis in the Netherlands, but now also supplying (even water cans and regular soil) and preparations (electrical construction for example) is illegal and punishable, depending on the size and personal vs commercial grows, by jail sentences up to 3 years.

Depending on your local municipality and local police officer growing up to 5 plants can still be tolerated however, again pointing out the hypocrisy of the Dutch laws.

Through passing this law, the amount of Dutch citizens with potential criminal penalties has now grown disproportionally. It remains to be seen how this will play out in court, as legal experts have expressed serious doubts on the burden of proof.

The usual suspects PVV (Geert Wilders Party), VVD (Liberals), CDA (Christian Democrats Party), Christenunie (Christian Part) and the Onafhankelijke Senataats Fractie (Independents) voted for passage, while PVDA (Socialist Party), Groenlinks (Green Party) D66 (Liberal Democrats), 50+ (Elderly Party), Partij voor de Dieren (Animal Party) voted against.

Added below is a statement of VOC-Nederland spokesperson Derrick Bergman:


“This new law criminalizes such a large number of people and actions that you would think it concerns preparations for a terrorist attack instead of preparations to grow a plant.

Our Department of Justice Minister has succeeded in making his already bankrupt cannabis policy even more absurd and contradictory.”


The law will go in to effect on the first of March, 2015.

  • This is absolute madness. How far removed from reality and any form of logic are the people who continue to create such laws? Head melters!

  • Of course you know this means war.

  • Zootini

    Hmm makes me wonder deeply why the dutch are taking backwards steps. A right wing party in power at the moment? Tourists messing up the usage?

    • Mauro

      It aren’t tourists, but our right leaning Government, especially our Department of Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten and his boss Prime Minister Mark Rutte are to blame.

      • Zootini

        What direction are the current direction taking? Where do they see the plant if they could change all rules in a week? I’m from the UK and the mentality of most people who want to go Netherlands is not great.

        • Mauro

          Well, this is just one of their 3 terrible ideas: The rescheduling of cannabis containing over 15% THC to Schedule 1 (as a hard drug, on par with Heroin), this growshop ban, and a new and already passed traffic law that could end up costing your license if the police finds (any) THC in your blood. For more see:

          • Zootini

            Rah, ludicrous ideas. Interesting to see if the police in the UK will be using the same trafficking technology to nab more of us. Will check out the link. Great site too *bookmarked*. Found it through the guys at LCC.

          • Mauro

            Thanks for the kind words! Yeah the LCC are friends of this website 🙂 Good guys!

          • Pete

            which is a complete short cut to thinking, they are so fucking behind!

      • john Possum

        Yes but there were others voting. He’s trying to make up for his bad parenting with his son.

  • Sam Jones

    govewrnments all over the world have their aim down at their feet. surely this will do more to harm their vote for it to be illegal.

  • Brendan Walsh

    What has happened to the Dutch ,first lived there twenty odd years ago and I enjoyed their openness ,who is electing these politicians to bring in these comic book laws when conservative America is now allowing marijuana,living in Ireland I have always put up the Netherlands as the example we should be following,..though not now seems in this green economy Dutch now moving backwards

  • Ron B

    Not sure what this is all about but it seems to me that this will give the local people a way to make extra money. 5 plants is a good some of money at a price per pound. I’m all for keeping large businesses out and give this to the locals to supply the coffee shops. Great plan give it back to the people.

    • Mauro

      Sorta. It also means people can be not only arrested for buying random gardening stuff to grow cannabis, but also people selling it (even if they are unaware of it).

    • Robert J. Muir

      Personally, this law in place is to basically destroy the black market productiom, I think the Dutch want to start monopolizing marijuana like the US is, instead of having full legalization, and implementing high tax rates, which isn’t bad in any means since the money goes to social programs and schools anyway.

      • Ron B

        The USA looked at the Netherlands for years concerning a majority of issues still we do it the USA way the blind leading the blind and making crazy laws and rules to satisfy the few with lots of money and the masses remain incarcerated for being human. Marijuana should have it’s name changed, even the very word Marijuana gives me the shivers, like some taboo potions from a southern land called Mexico where only Illegal anything crosses this border. The Plant Cannabis is a very healthful plant and helpful to Medicine, we all know that though, it seems to me that the people that have a voice because they live in big and bigger homes and pay more taxes then any one else and they employ people for less are the ones that our law makers try to satisfy without regard of the Money makers us the people.

  • Stuart Morris

    Yip well done to the GOVERNMENT again, and i thought it was just the UK GOVERNMENT that was insane

    • Ron B

      The UK need to separate Marijuana from other drugs. The UK really need to check their borders in which I am sure they already do but I find authority a bit lax there. Still I see no reason for all this government show down with the will of the people, this issue is for a few countries only mainly the USA, once the USA legalizes the use of Marijuana then other countries will follow I’m sure, so far the economy is picking up, I see the will of the people is being relaxed from authority, people are not as much in a tension of fear by our law enforcement this shows improvement in our economy as well as it will so be in the UK, if they listen to the will of the people. but ask your government how can you possibly say no to a person that found a cure for their ailment, Epilepsy, Cancer, Mental illness, amnesia you can go on and on above all happiness.

  • Johnny G Benitez Jr

    the govt is regulating to control people stop them you are the majority

  • Johnny G Benitez Jr

    un drug policy pressure

  • john Possum

    lol Animal party wth is the animal party???

  • Pete

    this is bullshit ! their Bedrocan is crap so where does that leave medical patients? they have set up a system that is a complete monopoly & are going in the wrong direction.. wtf?

    • Azzaam Abdul-Hakeem

      For us in the UK bedrocan or any of its other Cannabis flos are highly welcomed, they are not shit and we do not have access here at home. Sativex which, is legal is shit, why have Cannabis Tincture awash in Alcohol that makes people like me unable to use Sativex due to Alohol/ Ethanol bans. When in Netherlands, I do not really go to Doctors, have once, was given Bedrocan 16% THC 1% CBD based on my British doctors advise, but I prefer the CS and the CS System (if it allowed co-operatives for farmers to grow different strains and enough for good hash production too). I prefer to help me a mixture of certain buds mainly Kush, some Haze and few other Indica dominants, with a bit of hash be it sticky black Afghan or Nepali Temple or Moroccan Blond or Sahara Fudge, Pavarti Cream from India and Kashmiri Cream are lovely too.

  • thomas vesely

    i am focussing ill will/cancer at all lawmakers………