PotCoin: A new way to pay in the cannabis industry

The cannabis industry is moving fast, and PotCoin aims to keep the industry on the cusp of technology by merging the worlds of cannabis and cryptocurrency. Bringing a new payment solution to the industry in the process.


You may have heard of other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Dogecoin, compared to which PotCoin is very similar. If you haven’t, it’s kind of like digital money; virtual coins that can be sent quickly and easily between internet connected devices (phones, tablets, computers). There are no heavy fees for the recipient like there are with credit cards or other payment solutions, and anybody in the world can send or receive PotCoins with the only real prerequisite being access to an internet data connection of some kind.

This simple fact that it’s cheaper to process has already led to Bitcoin being accepted as payment by giants such as Dell and Overstock. For PotCoin, many merchants are already onboard including River Rock dispensaries in Colorado, Azarius head shop in Amsterdam and many others around the world — many of whom are passing on the savings straight to the customer, offering discounts for those who pay with PotCoin.

[quote_right]”(…)PotCoin doubles down by marrying it with another massive and burgeoning industry, the legal cannabis market”[/quote_right]

PotCoin Community Manager, Bobby Gooding, sees it spreading far and wide: “I have no doubt that cryptocurrencies are going to spread like wildfire over the next couple of years. In a digital world, we’re almost at the stage where it will seem crazy if a company doesn’t accept them. Imagine a company these days not having a website or an email address, I strongly believe this is the direction we’re heading. PotCoin doubles down by marrying it with another massive and burgeoning industry, the legal cannabis market.”


It’s not just about paying for stuff with PotCoin, though. The coin has even got its own crowdfunding platform. Known as PotFunder, it allows the community to donate some of their coins to further develop infrastructure or raise money for charity. Most recently a PotFunder campaign saw $2,000 donated to FRAXA, helping to fund research of cannabis treatments for Fragile X Syndrome.

“The community has been amazing”, Bobby adds. “We all know already how familiar and friendly the cannabis community can be; when you give them the option to easily and quickly send money around, the generosity seems to shine through even more.”

The dedicated community, along with a strong team of people working hard at PotCoin Systems, are pushing PotCoin out there to the world. The focus right now seems to be driving awareness and adoption of this new technology. With that, it’s highly possible that you might see a “PotCoin Accepted” sign at your favourite cannabis-based retailers in the future.

Learn more about PotCoin or get started using it by heading to PotCoin.com, and the team is always happy to answer any of your questions if you tweet @PotCoin on Twitter.

Editors edit: We now accept potcoin donations! Want to help out? Donations welcome at: