Dutch police report: “Fighting cannabis fails”


Yesterday on public dutch television program “Zembla”, a report leaked to the program makers was revealed from the “Taskforce Aanpak Georganiseerde Hennepteelt” (Taskforce Tackling Organized Cannabis Cultivation), which concluded after 3 years of research the approach of tackling the organized cannabis growing fails. According to the Taskforce, the police lacks the manpower required to solve the problem which results in other cases getting less or no attention.

“Fighting cannabis fails”

The Taskforce was set up in 2008 and had a 3 year lifespan, with the goal of reducing the large scale of illegal marijuana cultivation.

“The classic way of thorough research by the police after finding a marijuana plantation in order to find the organization, does not appear to  be or sufficient enough to work.”  states the report, according to the research program.

Even though you can buy marijuana legally in Holland, actually growing marijuana is only allowed up to 5 plants per household. The dutch police estimates that about 40.000 marijuana plantations are currently out there, 5.000 plantations are being found and destroyed every year.

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source: Nieuws.nl