French Education Minister Hints Cannabis Should Be Legalized

François Hollande sad about his weed plant

The French Education Minister Vincent Peillon, told the “Tous Politique” programme on “France Inter Radio” this Sunday (15-10-12), that legalizing cannabis was a “serious question” that warranted debate.

It’s a perfectly serious question to ask….We can combat [drug trafficking] by repressive means, I am totally for that….but at the same time, I see that the results suggest that it’s not very effective …So it begs that question and I would like to take it forward in all serenity.”

“I am sometimes amazed by how France is a bit behind on this subject, which for me is important.”

When he was asked whether he agreed with with former interior minister Daniel Vaillant that a debate should be held on the matter, he replied “I thought he was right at the time, and I still do.”

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The French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault (Socialist party), was forced to reply on Monday. Several right wing ministers were shocked, including Valérie Pécresse, a former higher education minister (no pun intended), tweeted: “It’s unheard of!”

There are still some places in France where you can get very high.

An education minister preaching the legalisation of cannabis. What kind of impact will that have on educational attainment?” Over in France’s right-wing opposition, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault’s office insisted government policy had not changed.

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“The prime minister and Mr Peillon spoke on the telephone this morning, there will be no decriminalization of cannabis,” Mr Ayrault’s office said.

This Monday morning (16-10-12), Peillon said he just outted his personal thoughts and they aren’t meant to impact on his “total and complete solidarity with the government”.