“Weed-pass will also be introduced in Amsterdam”

Coffeeshop Sign

THE HAGUE – The Dutch minister of Security and Justice (demissionary: the cabinet resigned) Ivo Opstelten stated that the weed-pass will also be introduced in Amsterdam, just as it was introduced in the southern part of the Netherlands in the beginning of May.This mean that the coffeeshops will become a form of club that will only allow Dutch citizens to become a member. The idea behind this is that it will prevent crime and nuisance, make for better control over the coffeeshops and to ward off drug-tourists.

Tip, check out this scary website that should scare you off: http://new-rules.eu

Several cities have reported a rise in drugs dealers on the streets. In the city of Maastricht, drugsrunners used government flyers on the new weed legislation, to advertise for themselves on Belgian and French cars. Reportedly, even drugsrunners from Belgium and Northern France have been coming to the Netherlands to sell their drugs in the south.

The VDD, a Dutch political party active on both a municipal and a national level, is also present in the Amsterdam city council. They have stated to be against an introduction of the weedpass in Amsterdam; this is interesting because on a national level, this was the same political party that started it all.

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