Hemp Oil: The Cure For Cancer

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One of the must watch documentaries on the medical side of cannabis, is Run From The Cure. Rick Simpson explains about his recipe for the Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

Run From The Cure

For more info on how to make your own RSO, check out their website and make sure to like their Facebook to help them spread the word about this medicine!

  • pamela

    My journey with breast cancer started in November 2004. I was devastated, scared and numb when I found out I had cancer. At the time, I was 48 and thought that I was healthy.
    I immediately started researching doctors and treatments. I found a surgeon near my home outside of Savannah, Georgia to remove the tumor. After the surgery, I consulted with a local oncologist and radiologist.

    The doctors were so impersonal. They didn’t want to listen to a word I was saying. They wanted to put me in one of those cookie-cutter scenarios. There were no other options for me. They just wanted to cut,

    radiate and do the chemo. I felt with the way they were conducting business, I had to get a second opinion. so we decided to try Rick Simpson hemp oil. we contacted Rick

    via:ricksimpsoncancerfoundation@gmail.com, i used the oil for a month and there was great changes, am cancer free now.

    • The Stoned Society

      That’s quite a story Pamela! It clearly helped in the recovery process, or do you really atribute the oil to curing your cancer? Would love to know more as your comment ended rather abrupt. Happy to hear you’ve recovered though!

  • Jindrich Bayer

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