Marijuana helps relieve pain caused by MS

Marijuana Syringe

SAN DIEGO, California – Patients suffering from the nervous system disorder Multiple Sclerosis (MS) receive positive effects from smoking weed. A new study presents objective evidence that confirms earlier hypotheses on its results.The results can be found in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

The researchers conducted a placebo controlled experiment. Half of the patients received cannabis cigarettes, whereas the other half received an identical placebo cigarette. The groups would switch after a short wash-out period. It turns out that the smoked weed worked better than the placebo cigarettes in reducing symptoms such as spasms and muscle contractions.These symptoms are hard to top with regular medication, which as a consequence will have a large influence in the quality of life of the patient.Up until now there were signs of possible positive effects from cannabis, but that was nothing more than just anecdotes or oral intake, instead of smoking it. This is the fifth study of the University of California center for Medicinal Cannabis Research into the effects of marijuana usage on disease. Up until now all of these studies have found a positive effect.