Picture: “Schwendermarkt graffiti Monsanto” by Herzi Pinki.

To finish up the week, there’s some good news to be shared. Monsanto (likely you have heard of them before) has announced they will be cutting jobs and buying back shares after sales are dropping, reports financial business portal Reuters.

Monsanto has been facing backlash ever since more and more stories are coming out about their evil practices. Unlike Google, which until a couple of days before, used to have the slogan ‘Don’t be evil’, the pressure on Monsanto is mounting after several high profile attacks.

The St. Louis, Missouri based company was featured in several documentaries, including Food Inc., The World According to Monsanto, Seeds of Death. Monsanto has also been featured in a recent VICE on HBO episode and to top it all off, Canadian rock and roll legend Neil Young named his latest album The Monsanto Years, including a mini-documentary called Seeding Fear:

And if you’re worried like so many others that Monsanto will interfere in growing with cannabis, your fear holds up. Rumors are Monsanto is supplying Uruguay with Monsanto cannabis seeds, the South American country which recently legalized marijuana.