The Rise of Psychedelic Truffles in Amsterdam

Vice took a trip to Amsterdam to learn about the ban of psychedelic mushrooms and the rise of truffles that contain psilocybin.


Truffles are for many people the introduction into psychedelics, therefore, caution is advised.

For more information about truffles, make sure to read up on our truffles guide.

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  • Mike Hunt

    Hi, I’m going on holiday to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks. I’ve been
    suffering from depression/PSD for a while now and would like to give
    truffles a try as a treatment. I was wondering if you know of any
    psychedelics outlets in Amsterdam that you could recommend? Also, would
    the truffles be the best thing to try for dealing with PSD?

    • The Stoned Society

      Psilocybin works wonders for depression from my own experience, so truffles should work yes.

      Basically if you go look for a “smart shop” (not a coffeeshop), they’ll sell truffles in these usually small plastic boxes. They vary in dosage, but if you stick to our guide you’ll be fine:

      Also, I generally don’t recommend people coming over to Amsterdam to do psychedelics. However in your case (not recreational, but therapeutically), it might be worth pursuing.

      This is because you’re best off doing psychedelics in your home, safe environment.

      And the best thing for dealing with P(T)SD? It’ll be most likely more effective with someone to guide you through, but it’s possible yes. Worth trying in your case.