Back in 2013, the Blackout X vape pens got on my radar through advertising on Doug Benson’s YouTube show “Getting Doug With High”.  But because back then Blackout X only had the disposable, refilliable vape pens available for vaping oils and wax, a review wasn’t an option in the oil & wax dry Netherlands.

Two things changed comparing now to then. Blackout X now has a dry herb vaporizer available, the Dry Herb+. And oils and waxes are gaining ground faster than ever. Too in Europe, as the dabbing scene expands through the underground.

We connected a couple of months ago and as such, the following fancy black box arrived in the mail.

Blackout X: Inside The Box

blackoutx dry herb+ kit
Picture: Mauro Picavet /
  • Battery
  • 2 Dry Herb Attachments (hold 0.5gr each)
  • 2 Liquid Tanks with Mouthpiece (hold 2.0mL each)
  • Chamber Cover with filter screen
  • Soft Mouthpiece with filter mesh screen
  • Liquid Filling Tool
  • 2 Cleaning Brushes
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Instruction Manual
  • USB Charger & AC Adapter

Included with our Blackout X review kit we also found a glass wax dome which can be bought separately at the Blackout X store.

Blackout X Dry Herb Attachment

Preparing the Blackout X Dry Herb+

After charging the Blackout X with the included AC adapter and taking a couple of pictures, I filled up the Dry Herb attachment. Doing this, I found easiest by crushing some cannabis and emptying it in my hand. Afterwards, I would use the Blackout X with herbal attachment to “scoop” the ground up bud. Advised per user manual, only fill it up to 3/4. Press the power button quickly two times and if you want to take a straight hit, hold the power button for 15-25 seconds or until the button flashes green.

blackoutx dry herb+ review
Picture: Mauro Picavet /


Using the Blackout X with Dry Herb Attachment

When your Blackout X is heated up, you put your mouth on the mouth piece and inhale while you hold the power button. Especially the first couple of hits you can expect massive clouds. From here on out it’s finding out for yourself how many hits you can do before the chamber needs to be emptied and refilled. I’ve tried stirring in the dry herb chamber to move around the herbs from the heating element, but with not much luck. I often found it didn’t improve my next hits at all, perhaps slightly.

But because of it’s size and easy to follow instructions, it may well pass for an electronic cigarette. Discretion is key. And being able to use it at otherwise no-go areas for smokers, that’s where the Blackout X shines. You’ll have to be careful when carrying the Blackout X in your front jeans’ pockets though. You’re likely to accidentally loose the mouthpiece when you’re on the go, which happened to be me at a party. Up until then, we had been using the Blackout X a satisfying amount without running into battery problems, which I’ve yet to face with this device. Blackout X supplied a replacement surprisingly quick.

Wax Dome Attachment

blackoutx dry herb+ wax dome
Picture: Mauro Picavet /

Preparing the Blackout X

Included with our Dry Herb+ kit we also found a glass wax dome attachment you’ve maybe seen before being used by other vaporizers out there on the market. This one works with a simple coil on which you drip your (slightly heated up) wax or hash oil.  Whereas the smell will be considered a lot less compared to when you’re refilling the dry herb chamber, the process is a little more complicated. For use in public, I personally prefer to stick with the dry herb attachment instead of the wax dome.

Using the Blackout X with Dry Herb Attachment

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been able to try out a few different cannabis concentrates like BHO and Ice-o-lator in the Blackout X. The latter can depending on the quality of your extraction leave some residue behind, but if cleaned properly can keep getting you just as high, maybe even higher than the dry herb attachment. And that’s while relatively using a lot less product. I also like using the wax dome, simply because you can actually see vapor filling the dome and you’ll see when you’re up for a refill.


  • Discrete
  • Durability, feels sturdy
  • Multipurpose


  • Careful not to loose the mouth piece in your pockets
  • If it gets too hot and you combust the chamber, you can’t use the AVB (Already Vaped Bud, for cooking purposes)


If you’re looking for a pen sized dry herb vaporizer, which is capable to function as a wax/concentrate vaporizer and/or e-liquid vaporizer, the Blackout X Dry Herb+ should be considered as a viable option. If you’re only going to use one of it’s purposes, perhaps you should consider taking a look at different vaporizers out there on the market.

The Blackout X Dry Herb+ Rechargable kit is available for $79.95 on the Blackout X website.