We live in an era in which both the cannabis boom and the ongoing technology revolution go hand in hand. As vaporizers become smaller, more effective and the product we vaporize adapts, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what you need and like.

Luckily, I think we’re past the coil/rod vaporizer setups. For dry leaf, that is. But in the dabbing scene, there are still many manufacturers using these coils to heat up your concentrate. There are however other and better options, as you will read in this review below.

Because the Dabstorm comes with a ceramic donut atomizer (and also a coil/rod atomizer), a flat ceramic plate and a variable voltage battery. Exactly what you want and need.

This Dabstorm was provided, courtesy of Vapefiend.co.uk.

The full Dabstorm package, with on the left the Mix Kit, Big Boy battery in the middle and Dabstorm itself on the right.
The full Dabstorm package, with on the left the Mix Kit, Big Boy battery in the middle and Dabstorm itself on the right.

Inside the Dabstorm box

  • Dabstorm Variable Voltage Battery
  • Dabstorm Ceramic Donut Atomizer
  • Dabstorm Ceramic Rod Atomizer
  • Metal Mouthpiece
  • 2 x Glass Mouthpiece
  • Dabber tool
  • USB Charging cable
  • Concentrate container

Preparing the Dabstorm for first time use

Charging the variable voltage battery goes with relative ease. Screw the USB charging cable on top of the battery and plug it into your computer. It takes approximately 2-3 hours for a full charge, which should last you about 500 hits.

Using the Dabstorm vaporizer

I highly recommend using the Ceramic Donut Atomizer instead of the ‘old school’ Ceramic Rod Atomizer. Both can be easily screwed on the battery.

Next up is adding a drip of oil/wax using the supplied dabber tool (or your own of course) in the Ceramic chamber (or in case of using the rod; on top of the rod), after which you can choose your style of mouth piece. Whereas the glass ones are ideal for showcasing vapor, I’ve found my preference in using the Metal Mouthpiece, too for incognito vaping.

Just one hit will skyrocket you to higher levels

Using the Dabstorm is as easy as pressing the button for a few seconds, after which vapor will start to form. You can pretty much immediately start inhaling and let go of the button before you are inhaling too much.

Generally, with a proper concentrate/wax it gives a smooth hit, provided you don’t overdo it which can result in coughing up your lungs as you see a lot in the dabbing scene.

Just one hit will skyrocket you to higher levels, but you will start to notice pretty early on the taste changes and you need to refuel. There is however a solution, provided below.

Dabstorm Mix Kit

Because if that wasn’t enough for you, the Dabstorm can be taken to a whole ‘nother level by purchasing the Dabstorm Mix Kit to go along with your Dabstorm. It includes:

  • Dabstorm Liquid Tank
  • Glass Mixing Beaker
  • Measuring Syringe
  • Mixing Tool
  • 15ml EJ Mix Liquid
  • Dabstorm Variable Voltage Battery & Charger (optional)

Dabstorm Mix Kit 2With this kit, you are able to make your own e-juice, following the provided instructions. Because you cannot just add your concentrate to a liquid e-cigarette tank, instead it should be diluted with the provided EJ Mix Liquid. It has no taste and thus won’t ruin the taste of your concentrate. To mix, use 1 gram of concentrate to 1 ml of EJ Mix Liquid, or a little more if you are using thicker concentrates like rosin.

The Dabstorm with Big Boy battery and stock battery. Don't mind the sun...
The Dabstorm with Big Boy battery and stock battery. Don’t mind the sun…


  • Ceramic Donut Atomizer
  • Variable Voltage
  • Mix kit is a must have!
  • Looks like an e-cigarette (and thus stealthy)


  • Glass mouth pieces are bound to break. Careful with travel!
  • Need to refill every once in a while. But you can opt for purchasing the Mix kit (recommended).


If you’re looking for a Dab pen, look no further. The guys from Vapefiend did an excellent job, especially considering the must have Mix kit to take your vaping game to a whole ‘nother level. It can be yours for £45.00 directly through Vapefiend. Or if you’re on mainland Europe, you can order yours through Azarius.net for € 69,00 and you will support The Stoned Society while doing so (and we can keep providing you with information)!