We were in Amsterdam for 4.20 and caught up with The Golden Green Bakery for new and upcoming products. We picked up the Infused Gummy Bears featured in last week’s review and this week we take a look at their 250mg chocolate bars.

Right now, the Golden Green Bakery has 3 different chocolate bars available, 25,9% Cacao White Milk Chocolate, 33,6% Cacao Brown Milk Chocolate and 54,5% Cacao Dark Chocolate. Without much thinking, we picked up the Milk Chocolate bar.

Considering there’s 250mg in the whole bar, each square (there are 15) contains ~17 mg.

To test, we had a similar setting as we had for the Infused Gummy Bears: lovely weather and a BBQ.

medicated chocolate bar

4 psychonauts tried a different dosage: two of us took 3 squares, one ate two and one of us only had one.

Within an hour we were quite stoned and started conversing, which kept continuing with the occasional laughter break

The first thing you notice is it’s actually really nice chocolate. It’s not that easy to make chocolate, but the Bakery was spot on here.

The effect itself came on about just as quick as the Gummy Bears. Within an hour we were quite stoned and started conversing, which kept continuing with the occasional laughter break.

Even if the dose was less than last week, we all felt the effects clearly. It also somewhat lengthened the effect of an undisclosed psychedelic we had the day before.

medicated chocolate bar


Overall, I’d say it got me more stoned than high like the week before. 2 Gummy Bears are 100mg, whereas 3 squares of chocolate was only 50mg.  A couple days someone with a lower tolerance also tried a square of chocolate and could still feel the effects clearly.

Which is to say, yes these work well. And they’re easy to dose. If you’re a only a habitual cannabis user, one or two squares will already work. But if you’re dabbing often, you’ll be fine with 6 too.

You can pick up the Medicated Chocolate Bars at Coffeeshop Take Away in Haarlem and make sure to follow The Golden Green Bakery (@goldengreenbakery) on Instagram for information about availability.

  • feckyoo2

    In peace – if a kid gets these gummy bears and eats the lot, it’s going to be fucked up! Is this a good thing to be making?

    • The Stoned Society

      Well these aren’t available in a shop (yet), but it’s a discussion that’s been going on for a while in the United States, where the industry is regulated in some states. But even in a regulated industry and they ban candy like edibles, there’ll still be people seeking and making it.

      So yes I understand your point of view, yet we’ve seen that banning a substance (or product) hasn’t really worked well in this war on drugs :))