The Firefly Portable Vaporizer [Review]

Vaping herbs in style!

Firefly vaporizer herb chamber close-up. Picture: Derrick Bergman / Gonzo media

In my continued search for a portable vaporizer, able to vape herbs and not only concentrates, I stumbled upon this Firefly vaporizer courtesy of

The Firefly was in the works for about four years until it was first released, and has been developed by a former Apple employee and Silicon Valley veteran.

It is no-one’s surprise that the Firefly comes in a beautiful box, much like mobile phones nowadays and other professional vaporizers out there on the market.

The box
The box

Inside the box

  • Dynamic Convection Vaporizer
  • High-Powered Lithium-ion Battery
  • Charging Adapter
  • Carrying Bag
  • Cleaning Kit


Preparing the Firefly for first time use

Preparing the Firefly is pretty easy. First, charge up the battery until the LED at the side is solid blue.

firefly vaporizer
The Firefly with removed magnetic lid
Picture: Derrick Bergman / Gonzo media

Second, grind up your herbs and tightly pack the herb chamber. Opening .the herb chamber can be done by removing the magnetic lid by using your nails to lift the lid up at the side notches.


firefly vaporizer
The Firefly vaporizer with closed lid
Picture: Derrick Bergman / Gonzo media

Using the Firefly vaporizer

There’s two ways to use the Firefly. The first one being the “normal” method. Power-up the loaded Firefly by sliding the power switch to the left, after which the LED will turn solid green.

firefly vaporizer

Press and hold the heating button at the other side of the vaporizer and after 10 seconds, start inhaling through the mouth piece until you notice the vapor has filled up your lungs.

firefly vaporizer
Picture: Derrick Bergman / Gonzo media

Simply let go off the button and exhale big, fat clouds of vapor!

Here’s a video by the Firefly team that explains it pretty good if you can’t get it right.

There’s a second method, called by the Firefly makers “Vaporsurfing”, best explained by one of their own how to videos below. I’m personally quite fond of this method, generally because it manages to generate bigger clouds, which I not only enjoy but is an excellent method to show off the device to friends as well.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durability
  • Big hits
  • Replaceable battery!


  • Heavy
  • Herb only
  • Price


Before buying a FireFly vaporizer, you’re gonna have to ask yourself the question: do I only want to vape herbs? If the answer’s yes and you have 250 euro’s to spend, order yours at! From North America? You can place your order here!

If the answer is no, consider taking a look at the Da Vinci Ascent vaporizer and/or our vaporizer comparison chart!