Thanks to a collaboration with VapeXhale and Vapefiend, we’re able to present our VapeXhale Cloud EVO with HydraHoneyComb attachment.

VapeXhale Cloud Evo Features

VapeXhale Cloud EvoEZ Load Bowl

The VapeXhale Cloud EVO can be used for dry herbs and hash oil like concentrates. To use dry herbs, grind up your herbs first after which you fill up the EZ Load Bowl (ELB) up to 75 percent, to ensure clear airflow.


To use the VapeXhale Cloud EVO with hash oil like concentrates, simply scoop a little onto your dabstick to attach it to a supplied VapeXNail concentrate attachment.


12025439_10153664922119712_2112234860_nDepending on your configuration, your VapeXhale Cloud Evo comes with a HydraTube attachment to ensure an all glass vapor path. In addition, the HydraTube is filled with water. Don’t add too much water to the HydraTube, in this case the HydraHoneyComb. Perform a test hit before attaching the HydraTube to the VapeXhale Cloud EVO base unit to ensure you haven’t overfilled the HydraTube. There should be no leaking or dripping around the HydraTube.


The VapeXhale Cloud EVO is powered by a commonly known computer power cord. To power on the VapeXhale Cloud EVO, use the rocker bottom switch. Before turning on the device, make sure both red caps on the top and bottom of the VapeXhale base unit are removed.


The LED light indicator will turn red, after which the LED will turn green when the desired temperature has been reached.

You can set the temperature by using the temperature dial to set the temperature of your choosing. To the left will result in thinner vapor, starting at 200 degrees Fahrenheit or 93 degrees Celcius. Turning the dial to the right will result in thicker vapor, up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit or 260 degrees Celcius.


When the desired temperature has been reached and the green LED light indicator is shown, place the HydraTube on top of the VapeXhale base unit. Now is the time to take a hit!

After a few seconds, the HydraTube fills with vapor. To clear the HydraTube, separate the HydraTube from the VapeXhale Cloud EVO and inhale the rest of the vapor.

Turning off

Use the rocker bottom switch to turn off the VapeXhale, or simply wait until it turns off automatically.


IMG_20160417_163151To clean the HydraTube, add salt and running alcohol or use a cleaning liquid like Thcleaner we have right here after which you shake and leave the HydraTube until all visible leftovers are gone. Leave the HydraTube for an hour, after which you rinse the HydraTube with warm running water. To clean the VapeXNail, you can use a similar technique.

To clean the EZ Load Bowl, soak it in rubbing alcohol or your cleaning liquid of choice for 40 minutes. Dry before using.

Pros & Cons



All glass vapor path

Hefty price tag

Dry herbs and hash oil like concentrates

Traveling is an issue (in part due to the price tag). But there are special traveling cases available here.

Water filtering

Easy to use

Precise temperature control


The VapeXhale Cloud Evo can be considered one of the best table top vaporizers out there on the market right now, outperforming the Volcano thanks to the VapeXhale hash oil concentrate capabilities and all glass vapor path with water element to ensure smooth hits.

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