Portable vaporizers come in all different kind of shapes and sizes, depending on what they are meant to be used for. Usually, there’s a distinction between herbal vaporizers and oil vaporizers, while some are able to do both. The Vapir Prima works for both, but I personally only tested it with herbs (and occasionally sprinkling some traditional hashish on the my herbs).

But lately we have been beginning to see a trend. Vaporizer manufacturers producing herbal vaporizers, have certainly left behind the idea of using coils to heat up your herbs and instead opted for conduction in one way or another.

And then there’s the price. Basically, there are three segments: low (<100$), middle (>100$ – < 250$) and high (>250$).

The Vapir Prima is a solid example of the middle price segment, delivering everything you need and more for a slightly premium, but still affordable price for those who like to their cannabis consumption seriously.

Inside the Vapir Prima box, you will find

  • Vapir Prima vaporizer
  • Battery charger + power supply
  • USB charging cable
  • Metal cleaning tool
  • Plug brush
  • Herb scoop
  • Screens ( for use in cap)
  • Mesh screens (for use in chamber)
  • Instruction manual (English)
  • Cap sleeve (heat protector)

VapirPrima1Preparing the Vapir Prima for first time use

The Vapir Prima has a removable battery (a big plus) which can be charged with a clever designed battery charger which you can leave standing up on your desk or table.

After it has been fully charged, grind up your herbs and remove the aluminium ‘head’ of the vaporizer’s body. Here you’ll find the chamber which you can fill all the way, packing it tight with your finger or supplied herb scoop. Don’t pack it too tight though: you do want some air to flow through the herbs to make full use of the convection method.

If you’re using oils, you can very easily lower a drop on the mesh screen at the bottom of the chamber.

Using the Vapir Prima

When you have reattached the ‘head’ (with recommended cap sleve to protect against the heat) to the body of the vaporizer, it’s time to hold down the only button on the Vapir Prima for a couple of seconds. The LED’s will flash, after which you can change the temperature by holding down the button for a short amount of time.

VapirPrima3The temperature settings are as follows (348 degrees fahrenheit minimum to max 401).

  • Level 1: 176°C ~ 182°C
  • Level 2: 185°C ~ 190°C
  • Level 3: 193°C ~ 198°C
  • Level 4: 198°C ~ 205°C

I love saying to people they don’t have to press any buttons, just ‘pull’ air. And clouds! Such a big clouds!

I personally usually rock temperature setting 3 for recreational purposes, but as medical patients will be able to confirm, you’ll be better off using either setting 1 or 2 for medical purposes.

Where the Vapir Prima shines is in it’s simplicity to use. I love saying to people they don’t have to press any buttons, just ‘pull’ air. And clouds! Such a big clouds! It’s a difficult task in Europe trying to convince people to quit adding tobacco to their cannabis habits, but these clouds are one way to do it.

I’ve also been getting a lot of comments about how the Vapir Prima looks. The most returning comment is about how much it looks like a device straight from the movie Alien.


  • Big clouds
  • Removable battery
  • Battery life
  • Taste
  • Easy to use (and clean)


  • Some people like how it looks, I am personally still not convinced


Vapir have done a terrific job with the Prima. I also can’t wait to try the water bubbler as soon as Vaposhop has it in stock. And where I’ve given away vaporizers before to friends, I’ll be sticking with this one for personal use for quite a while!

Order your own Vapir Prima in black, orange, blue or silver at Azarius.net and support The Stoned Society while doing so.