The Vapium Summit is advertised as a rugged dry herb vaporizer: perfect for the outdoors cannabis enthousiast.

And so to be able to give the Vapium Summit the proper review treatment, I carried it on me for a couple of weeks on my travels.

Inside the Vapium Summit box

Picture: Mauro Picavet /
Picture: Mauro Picavet /
  • Summit vaporizer
  • Micro USB power adapter
  • Wall charger EU
  • Dry bag storage pouch
  • Cleaning brush
  • Spare screens
  • Stirring tool
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Pipe cleaners / chenille sticks
  • Instruction manual

Preparing the Vapium Summit for first time use

Picture: Mauro Picavet /
Picture: Mauro Picavet /

First things first. Afer unpacking, charge up the Vapium Summit with the included Micro USB power adapter. While recharging, white LED’s will light up. The solid white LED indicates the current charge level and it will take approximately 1 hour to recharge.

When you’re all charged up, you open the magnetic lid which reveals the (no combustion!) heating chamber. I usually fill it up 3/4 with ground up herbs.

All set!

Using the Vapium Summit

Pressing the so-called GO button, will turn on the Vapium Summit and you’ll feel a little vibrating notification. The Vapium Summit heats up in 35-45 seconds to your desired temperature, with 8 settings ranging from 320°F / 160°C up to 446°F / 230°C. For recreational use, I stuck to 392°F / 200°C.

When the Vapium Summit is heated up to the desired temperature, it will vibrate once more and the GO button will turn green to let you know it’s ready. Now it’s time to inhale. Unless you end up violently coughing as some people might when vaping, I was able to take 3, 4 hits before the light would turn blue again. For the next hit, it’s recommended to stir the heating chamber which will greatly improve your next toke.

Picture: Mauro Picavet /
Picture: Mauro Picavet /

The Vapium Summit is relatively easy to use and share, but to be honest portable vaporizers aren’t really made for sharing. Too considering it is kind of a personal thing, just like people aren’t comfortable with others using their phone.

Even vaporizer newbies will intrigued by the big vapor clouds they are able to produce with the Vapium Summit, ultimately what defines a good vaporizer. Through conduction, the Vapium Summit produces real vapor.

vapium summit vapor cloud

There are little to no spare parts: the magnetic lid and magnetic mouth piece are clever production decisions. However, I found when I was carrying the Vapium Summit in my jeans’ front pockets the magnetic lid occasionally would detach. Thankfully, usually without spilling any of the tight packed herbs. I also lost the USB cap rather quickly, but you can pick these up rather cheap.

Comparing the Vapium Summit to the more expensive (about 100$ difference) Da Vinci Ascent and Firefly, the Vapium Summit is much smaller and lightweight, thus easier and much more comfortable to carry around.

The size and shape still make the Vapium Summit descrete enough, but for inside stealth use, it will produce enough vapor to make some people’s heads turn. How much you’re comfortable with this is up to you.

Another thing worth noting: because there’s no combustion going on, even after 3 or 4 sessions without refilling the herb chamber, you will still get perfectly (dark) brown AVB (Already Vaped Bud). These decarbed herbs can be re-used for cooking purposes.

Picture: Mauro Picavet /
Picture: Mauro Picavet /

The Vapium Summit battery life could be better though. I’ve had a couple of times when I’m out I suddenly found my Summit to be out of battery, which isn’t that big of a deal when you’re out in an urban environment but can be when you’re out in the wild. You could of course, get one of these Vapium solar chargers.

To sum up:


  • Easy to use
  • No combustion, but big vapor clouds!
  • Manually adjustable temperature settings
  • Small & lightweight compared to other vaporizers in this price segment
  • Harvesting perfect decarbed AVB to cook with
  • Durability


  • Magnetic lid (and USB cap) might detach in your pockets
  • Battery life for an outdoor focused vaporizer could be better


The Vapium Summit has been designed from the start for the outdoors cannabis enthusiast. In doing so, Vapium created a pretty good overall vaporizer in the middle price segment. For 149 euros (with free shipping), the Vapium Summit can be yours over at A pretty good deal if you ask me.