The Vibe Stix: The Multipurpose Portable Vaporizer Pen [Review]

Designed to satisfy all vaping needs in just one product: eliquids, concentrates and dry herbs, I got the chance to reviewing the Vibe Stix and attachments.

Vibestix attachments

According to the Vibe Stix website, the Vibe Stix was designed to satisfy all vaping needs in just one product: eliquids, concentrates and dry herbs. Only the latter two I was able to put to the test, as I’m not a (e) sigarette smoker.

The Vibe Stix comes in a beautiful little box that could be mistaken for a mobile phone, but is in fact a multipurpose vaporizer. The Vibe Stix team had included a glass Skull attachment, as well as their new bubbler attachment for me to try.


  • Voltage: 3.6 – 4.2
  • Full 360 mAh Batt: 600 Puffs
  • Micro USB Charge Time: 1 Hour
  • Atomizer Resistance: 1.8 – 2.4 OHM
  • Atomizer Heating Time: 1-3 Secs
  • Locking Mechanism (5 clicks to lock/unlock)


Because of it’s multipurpose, this review could really be divided in three. However, since I’m not reviewing the eliquid part, there’s only two: dry herb and wax. For the latter, I had some Ice-o-lator hash available.

Dry Herb Chamber

The Dry Herb Chamber was the first attachment to be given a try. After attaching the dry herb chamber, you can detach the plastic outside under which you’ll find the atomizer.

This in itself, is a very simple and basic function.

After removing the metal cap and filling it up with ground herb, the atomizer heats up your ground up herbs and occasionally requires a stir.

You turn on the Vibe Stix by pressing the power-on button 5 times, after which you hold it for 10 seconds, followed by holding the button and inhaling through the mouthpiece until your hit is sufficient.

vibe stix dry herb chamber
Inhale…Picture: Derrick Bergman / Gonzo media
vibe stix dry herb chamber 2
…exhale! Picture: Derrick Bergman / Gonzo media


Because of the technology and the materials used, you can’t recycle your AVB (Already Vaped Bud) for other purposes, because what’s left will be ashes. The downside of using a coil, in addition to having a slightly plastic taste.

And the durability. Truth be told, I was very high off this vaporizer when I broke the Dry Herb Chamber, however it requires some careful handling. I tore the dry herb chamber apart when I wanted to switch to the Wax Dome Atomizer, so what we can learn from this is perhaps not switching attachments during the session. And don’t let your friends try this.

I would like to give a shout-out to the Vibe Stix team for supplying me quickly with a replacement part and the quick service though!

Wax Dome Atomizer

vibe stix wax dome
Preparing the Vibe Stix Wax Dome for a hit. Picture: Derrick Bergman / Gonzo media

Where the Vibe Stix really shines is in it’s ability to vaporizes waxes and concentrates.

Changing attachments, simply drop a little bit of wax, concentrate or hash in the atomizer and complete the vaporizer by attaching the dome and mouth piece.

vibe stix wax dome atomizer
The Vibe Stix with Wax Dome Atomizer. Picture: Derrick Bergman / Gonzo media

The usage process is pretty much the same, except you’ll see smoke filling the glass after which you can let go off the power button. You’ll find yourself able to take a nice, fat hit of wax.

vibe stix wax dome attachment
Taking a hit of ice-o-lator hash! Picture: Derrick Bergman / Gonzo media

Because it’s glass, you again have to be extremely careful when handling the device. I didn’t have any problems, until I had to take a part the Wax Dome Atomizer to use it’s parts for the Bubbler attachment. In doing so, I broke the skull and tore the glass bowl (which is still functioning). Luckily, the bubbler attachment made up for this.

vibe stix skull dome
The Vibe Stix Skull Wax Dome

Bubbler Attachment

The Bubbler Attachment I received as one of the first one’s to try.

To use the bubbler attachment, follow the next steps.

  1. Fill from bottom.
  2. Let water run though the bubbler
  3. Immediately turn bubbler upright and inhale the mouthpiece to trap the water.
  4. To empty the water blow into the mouthpiece when the atomizer is removed.

By using the Bubbler Attachment, you can take smooth, thick hits of wax vapor, filtered by water. The water is trapped and will, except for cleaning purposes, remain trapped.

vibe stix bubbler attachment
Using the Vibe Stix Bubbler Attachment. Picture: Derrick Bergman / Gonzo media

It’s a pretty cool, clever technique that works like a charm. Personally my favorite attachment.


  • Multipurpose
  • Easy to carry
  • Discrete (the dry herb chamber at least)
  • Bubbles!


  • Dry Herb Chamber doesn’t really vape
  • Difficult to clean
  • Durability


Are you gentle enough? Are you looking for a multipurpose vaporizer (it’s a pro if you also use the eliquid attachment)? The Vibe Stix can be yours for $79.99!