The 420 Games Tour is “Going the Extra Mile” in 2015

Athletic events to de-stigmatize responsible use of cannabis expand throughout the year.


Mar 13, 2015 (San Francisco, Calif.) – With over 30,000 Facebook fans in just 7 months, a very unique new event series recently launched in San Francisco. The 420 Games is the brainchild of Jim McAlpine, founder of the ski/snowboard lifestyle brand “We launched this event series in order to begin to set a new perspective on cannabis users. As cannabis becomes legal recreationally, fostering a new and positive mindset about those who use cannabis is going to be absolutely critical.”

[quote_right]”We are not here telling people to get high. We are telling people that if they choose to use marijuana there needs to be a set of standards to do so in a healthy and optimal fashion”[/quote_right]

The 420 Games LLC was formed in June of 2014. Within 3 months the first event, a 5K run, was held in Golden Gate Park with huge success. A National tour of 6-8 events will be held in 2015 with stops in California, Oregon, Washington and Colorado. At the finish line of all events, participants will be treated to a free beer garden from Lagunitas Brewing Company and a concert from top musical acts.

GOING THE EXTRA MILE: A typical 5K run is 3.1 miles. The 420 Games has made all of their official 2015 runs 4.20 miles. This “Go the extra mile” mentality will show cannabis users are motivated, successful and athletic members of society.

The 420 Games tour will feature 4.20 mile runs, half marathons, mountain bike races, triathlons, obstable courses, golf tournaments and more. Each city starts off with a 4.20 mile run then the next event is determined by a social media vote on The 420 Games’ Facebook page.

Many high-level athletes use marijuana. Many successful and intelligent people use cannabis responsibly. The 420 Games was founded to create a platform to both promote physical fitness as well as healthy and mindful cannabis use. The 420 Games is also focused on prevention of cannabis use by minors, as well as education and treatment for those unable to use cannabis in a responsible manner. The 420 Games will be donating a portion of proceeds to education and youth prevention programs.

“We’re coming off of decades of negative propaganda stigmatizing cannabis use. We’ve all been lied to, it’s a bad rap and we need to change the dialogue. There are millions of people who use marijuana in effective, healthy and productive ways,” said 420 Games founder Jim McAlpine. “We plan to show this to the world via athletic achievement.”

2015 Dates/Locations:

  • San Jose, CA – May 17
  • Sacramento, CA – June 20
  • Denver, CO – July 18
  • San Francisco, CA – Aug 15
  • Seattle, WA – Aug 22
  • Portland, OR – Sept 12

What differentiates The 420 Games from typical pro-marijuana rallies is its focus on education and athleticism. “We are not here telling people to get high. We are telling people that if they choose to use marijuana there needs to be a set of standards to do so in a healthy and optimal fashion,” said event production lead Jared Boulay. “I personally don’t use marijuana, but I support people who do, and who choose to be responsible about it.”

The 420 Games is sponsored by Lagunitas Brewing,, and Haroborside Wellness. We are proud to be the first cannabis related event ever featured on Daily Deal giant Groupon and the first ever cannabis event that was officially permitted in the Golden Gate Park, which is run by the National Forest Service. For more information visit