Stirring The Pot: Cherry Pie Shatter paired with Deschutes’ Black Butte XXVI

Hi again everyone! Today we're pairing Cherry Pie Shatter & Deschutes’ Black Butte on Stirring The Pot!


Hi again everyone!

Since it’s October, I want to do a couple of pairings that I think well represent the season and today’s pairing I think does just that. It’s Cherry Pie shatter from Terp-X and GroundSwell being paired with Deschutes’ Black Butte XXVI which is per their description: Our 26th anniversary Imperial Porter that was aged in bourbon barrels (50% for 6 months) and dry spiced with Theo Chocolate’s cocoa nibs, revealing hints of vanilla and chocolate. Pomegranate molasses and Oregon cranberries complement the robust flavor with a hint of fruit and just enough tart to make you smile.

Cherry Pie Shatter & Deschutes’ Black Butte XXVI
Cherry Pie Shatter & Deschutes’ Black Butte XXVI

So yeah, this should really hit the spot. The shatter is incredible too, super sweet flavorful exhales. I can’t wait.

I decide to go for a sip of the beer first and I get rich, sweet cranberry notes right away that finish into just a hint of oak and bourbon from their aging process. The aftertaste is caramel mixed with licorice and cocoa. Very good. Now it’s time to take the first dab.


Right away the smoke from the dab begins to dance around with the complex flavors of the Black Butte XXVI, giving me notes of cherries soaked in whiskey, raspberry tarts, cranberry jelly and smoked plums. The heady buzz kicked in almost instantaneously, creating a warm pleasant embrace around my neck and brain regions.

[quote_right]The heady buzz kicked in almost instantaneously, creating a warm pleasant embrace around my neck and brain regions[/quote_right]

I go for another couple sips of the beer and among the flavors I already described I get, probably because I have the dab flavors still lingering, notes of roasted chocolate, oak, and malts. Going again to the shatter I find my lungs filled with the tasty smoke and now get the flavors of candy, vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate covered cranberries. Really intense on all fronts. I could literally go back and forth between these two for days and still not nail down all the amazing flavors I’m experiencing. I’m not getting really any of the pomegranate flavors distinctly, but I bet it’s contributing to some of the other fruitier notes I am getting. Deschutes really did a great job with this beer and like (probably too) many of my beers, could stand to sit in the cellar for a year and find even better balance. The shatter really hit the spot after the third dab and I still can’t believe the terp retention Terp-X has given this strain going from bud to oil. Very incense like, that sugary sweetness to the smoke. Again, as always, GroundSwell hits another out of the park with this shatter. No shock there, and my buzz, which I’m sure will last hours now, is nothing short of top class.

I’m writing this paragraph after finishing the bottle myself and wow do I feel great. Not as buzzed from the alcohol as I would have expected given the 10.2% ABV, but still extremely happy and the taste and buzz from the dabs linger around just fine as well. Perfect pairing for a cool October night no doubt. I may have to pair Deschutes’ Abyss sometime with another hash similar to this. That would be awesome too. In the meantime, I’m about to go play some Destiny and get out of here, so you should really check out GroundSwell if/WHEN you get your red card here in Colorado for their insane selection of flower and hash. Deschutes makes some really great beers as well, so you should check them out as well. Their Obsidian stout comes to mind as something I really like that you could find in six packs wherever they’re distributed. Good night everyone!

Puff puff sip!