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Grow your own!

In a landmark decision, the lower House of the Dutch Parliament voted earlier on the 21st of February 2017, in favor of adding cannabis cultivation to it’s famous tolerance policy. A move that would decriminalize the supply aspect of the coffeeshops.

But what the media and most people don’t seem to have picked up, is an amendment by Liesbeth van Tongeren (Groenlinks, Green Party) has been adopted too, allowing patients to grow their own medicinal 5 plants.

Right on time for our Automatic Cannabis Seeds Grow Off? Either way, we started already!

Another coffeeshop bites the dust…

The main reasons that coffeeshops have disappeared in the past two years are municipalities enforcing a distance criterion, closure due to a negative BIBOB advice (Public Administration Probity Screening Act) and coffeeshops violating the applicable tolerance criteria, leading them to be closed permanently.

Luckily for you, there are still many left. Going to visit one? Check out our handy 10 Tips for Buying Cannabis at a Dutch Coffeeshop!

What the hell is Kratom?

Kratom has never been a widely used drug in western culture, perhaps because it’s not a mediagenic substance like LSD or ayahuasca. Few had heard from it in the Western side of the world, and those who did, didn’t see a reason to alarm others about it’s profound working. Check out this review below from Simon on the Maeng Da Kratom! Want to learn more? Check out our piece on Kratom’s history and various uses.

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