We are proud to announce that the registration for the 4th annual HomeGrown Cup has been opened. As of today, the new website went online and here you can find all the information you need to know how you can participate in the 4th edition of the HomeGrown Cup on December 15 in Eindhoven.

Several questions are already answered on the website itself, but a couple of things are new or improved compared to previous editions.

Registration process

HomeGrown Cup 2018
Visit homegrowncup.nl to register!

Registration is done entirely via the website. This is accompanied for the first time by an entry fee of 50 euros. This transaction takes place when your registration has been approved. Only then is your registration complete.

Mostly, registrations are approved, but the organization reserves the right to reject a registration. For example, because we are not convinced that you are professional enough to enter the solvent category, or because you are not a registered company and still want to join the CBD category.

Solvent category

Not entirely coincidentally we take those two examples of the 8 categories in total. You can join all other categories, as long as you have the necessary equipment. In the solvent category, you can not just join in. Among other things, because we fear (too many) impure products when people start producing BHO in their kitchen.

We also do not want to encourage people to a potentially dangerous process with a possibility of blowing up. So if you do not have the equipment, there are 6 other categories that you can join.

CBD category

Because we can not test in advance (you take your entry on the day itself), we can not guarantee that the weed is really CBD weed. This category is new and is a trial, in which the jury panel consists of a number of CBD weed users from abroad where CBD is legal. They can best tell whether the cannabis (guaranteed by the seed banks) is really CBD and can describe it better.

All other 6 categories (Outdoor, Indoor Mostly Sativa, Indoor Mostly Indica, Drysift Hash, Nederhash, Rosin) you can join. The quantities required are listed on the registration form at the bottom of the website.

No longer free

the registration fee is also meant as a security, so that participants actually appear on the day itself

With the registration fee, we want to ensure that we do not have to save on things like making t-shirts for every participant. We could only do it for the crew in the past. We are working together again with Whrikk for the graphics, so expect a real must have! In addition, the registration fee is also meant as a security, so that participants actually appear on the day itself.

For the time being, we can further report that a new location has traditionally been found (but we are going to look at a few more possible options before we make the decision where it takes place). BiotabsGreenGo and Heatex Glass have already pledged to be the first sponsors we can welcome back. Sponsors can also still join via the website.

Testing and further reading

After two failed attempts at testing the entries (at least the winners) afterward, we hope to make it happen this year. Once it went wrong due to family circumstances at a lab tester, the second time because we were dissatisfied with the test method.

For the rest, expect a lot from the same. You can read what you can expect in the articles linked to at the ‘HomeGrown Cup in the Media‘ section on the website.

Wil the warm weather really has done well this year or has it done more damage? We are going to see it on December 15 in Eindhoven!