I remember vaguely I have been to the Safari Park Beekse Bergen as a child to see the animals. It’s a nice, beautiful park where you can take tours to see roaming Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras and whatnot in the middle of the Netherlands…

This weekend there’ll be more some more extraordinary animals coming

This weekend there’ll be more some more extraordinary animals coming in as Space Safari kicks off for it’s second edition.

We were invited to the festival grounds to have a chat with the crew and publish this warm-up article to get you excited if you weren’t already.

But before we go into detail of the 2017 edition, here’s a bit of history we gathered first.


While it’s only the second edition of Space Safari, they’ve been running parties and festivals for years before they found these grounds. Most of the crew are actually from Belgium and more specifically: Ghent. If you haven’t been to Belgium or Ghent before, I highly recommend a visit to this great city and enjoy the food, beers, scenery and generally lovely people.

Building up Space Safari 2017

Lost Theory Festival

I had been to the Lost Theory parties they throw at their Chinastraat location before, where as of recently they still host parties and have a workshop to be able to work on decoration. Even before they hosted their first outdoor parties, they already started a record label called Lost Theory Records. Their first outdoor party in 2010 was a big success and people clearly wanted more.

At it’s peak, the festival hosted around 8000 people

But because Belgium is far from the ideal place to organise these kind of festivals, they opted instead to organise it in the (back then recently joined EU) Croatia. At it’s peak, the festival hosted around 8000 people. But because the festival wanted a permanent location and was being troubled by the (corrupt) Croatia, they moved to Spain and found a perfect location nearby Salamanca. About a two hour drive from Boom Festival, here they did find a local government willing to work with them. This year there’s no Lost Theory Festival, but there will be again in 2018.

Space Safari 2016

Because the organisation wanted to do something close by home, they tried it in their own country. But as mentioned earlier, Belgium simply isn’t the place to be for these festivals.

The location is perfect, in part because the license grants you permission to play music all night long

Luckily they found the Beekse Bergen willing to host Space Safari, which had it’s first edition last year in 2016. Familiar with big festivals like Decibel and Best Kept Secret (50.000 visitors), they were actually pleased with Space Safari and it’s kind visitors that didn’t cause nuisances like the bigger festivals. It was only small, unlike it’s bigger brother Lost Theory, but showed a promising future.

Space Safari
Space Safari 2016
Space Safari
Space Safari 2016
Space Safari
Space Safari 2016

The location is perfect, in part because the license grants you permission to play music all night long. Which is actually very difficult to get in the Netherlands, as you could’ve read in my Psy-Fi festival 2016 report.

Space Safari 2017

And so this year they’re back for the 2nd edition of Space Safari. The artwork by French artist Niark has caught my attention, as I’m sure it did for others. I really need to get me one of these posters for at home…

Space Safari 2017 poster
Space Safari 2017 poster

It has become a year round project, with a 100 man strong production team of which 30 work on it throughout the year. They arrived last Saturday with two big trucks to start the actual buildup.

Space Safari
Chill out in one of the huge hammocks at Space Safari 2017

This year’s mainstage was created in collaboration with Carey Thompson, whose work has been seen on festivals like Boom before.

The second stage is designed by Josh Haywood (seen at Burning Man) and created in the Lost Theory workshop to be used for their own festival, but it can also be rented out. Which actually happened, to a festival in Dubai, as the crew pointed out.

The third stage is the dub stage, hidden in the forrest and which was still very much in buildup as we made our round.

Space Safari 2017 line-up and schedule

A few tips we got from Ilsan, who guided us around, were Derango, Atrium, the oldschool goa on Saturday and the main stage finisher on Sunday, Loud. Personally I look forward to finally seeing Whrikk, who has been recommend to me many times before.

But of course, here’s the full schedule:

Practical information

You will need to exchange your money for coins at the door, of which you can buy food at the Space Safari restaurant or drinks at one of the bars.

Space Safari
One of the bars at Space Safari 2017

To buy from market stands, with familiar faces like Greengo and Azarius, you can still pay with cash.


Tickets can be bought online, or at the door:

FRIDAY 2PM : 85€
SUNDAY 12AM: 25€

24 hour ticket: 45€

There’s a new system introduced for the people that can only join us for 24 hours:

You pay the full price on the entrance as deposit and register your time of arrival, when you check out on the entrance we will return you the difference between the deposit and day-ticket.  If you stay longer then 24hours we won’t refund your deposit.

Please wait in your car, you will be served by one of our stewards. One bill per car for a smooth entry, hold your tickets and money ready..

Don’t arrive before Friday 2PM…

Useful links:

See you this weekend!