As you may or may not have noticed (we forgive you), you hadn’t heard from us in a while. Our newsletter hadn’t been in use for too long and we only posted every once in a while. This week, we started publishing daily again. In this first newsletter (that is also published online), we explain a bit how and where we want to go with The Stoned Society and we have some new articles you might be interested in reading.

We’re about to turn 5 on May 15th

The Stoned Society started as a multipurpose cannabis and psychedelics blog back in May 2012. Ever since, it grew in size and contributors to a complete magazine with multiple posts per day, but sadly also shrunk back to a single person run blog. In part because we’re about to turn 5 on May 15th, we are since this week again dedicated to bringing original content to our readers on a daily basis. This is why we will refrain from posting news articles and leave that over to other websites.

We came up with 7 different categories or topics for each day

We came up with 7 different categories or topics for each day. We kick off Monday with a grow report update (The Automatic Cannabis Seeds Grow Off), followed by a headshop product review (this week the DaVinci IQ portable vaporizer) on Tuesday. On Wednesday we do a smartshop product review (Kratom this week) and a column/freestyle article on Thursday (a guide on buying cannabis at a Dutch coffeeshop this week). On Friday, we send out this newsletter High Friday Journal with news from The Stoned Society, but also gives us the opportunity to mention important cannabis and/or psychedelic news.

On Saturday, we provide informative videos in Couchlock Saturday, with videos from our friends at Cannabis News Network, Controlled Substance and SmartheadsTV.

On Sunday, we keep it simple and sound with the The Stoney Sunday Radio Show. Relaxed long sets that you are bound to enjoy on a lazy Sunday.

And next week we’ll be in Amsterdam during bicycle day (April 19) and ‘420’ (April 20), attending The Elite Cup. Tickets are still available! Can’t attend? Make sure to follow us on our various social media channels and keep an eye on our website!