Sziget Festival 2012, Monday, day -1: Review


After a good sleep, we were finally ready to head for Budapest for the first day of Sziget Festival 2012. The car was packed, all our baggage ready to be carried on our backs, including a guitar. We figured we didn’t have to be there at 10 AM when the gates opened, so after a small drive to Budapest, we arrived at 1 o’clock in the capital of Hungary. We had done some research on the internet and apparently you are able to park for multiple days for free at multiple subway stations. We parked the car at the Nagyvárad tér square, near a similar named subway station. After we were fully packed, we headed towards the subway station, quickly realizing we were definitely overpacked.

We didn’t know which station to get off and made a big navigation mistake, being misinformed that there was a ferry going from the other side of the island directly to the camping. So we got off somewhere near the other side of the Sziget bridge. By then it was around 38 degrees Celsius, that and all the baggage on our backs resulted in a hellish trip from a random subway station to somewhere where no ferry was around. It took about 2,5 hours to walk a few kilometers, where we all lost multiple of our 9 lives. Only a trained soldier would’ve been able to this without too much hassle.

At some point I got fed up with walking and decided to call a cab, but I required some cash first. So after a short walk to an ATM, luckily without the baggage, I called the cab and not long after it arrived. We were surprised by how far we had gone the wrong way, as the taxi drove us further than we expected at first. Turns out they drop you off in front of the camping at the taxi drop off point, which was a blessing, otherwise we would’ve had to walk a lot more. The downside to taking a cab was that all of our bags got inspected by the security, taking all of our beers, BBQ coals and bread knife. The upside was that we didn’t have to carry all of that to our camping spot, which was quite a walk across the island as well, as the dutch camping was at the other side of the island.

When we finally arrived, we sat down to recover from our ridiculously long walk in the heat simply carrying too much stuff. When eventually we got our act together and put up our tents, we decided to check out the main stage, where we were greeted by showers spraying on the crowd in front of the main stage.







When we had some beers and a decent meal, we set out to find some marijuana. Which we found rather quickly by perhaps using a simple stereotype. Sadly enough it was a rip-off, as the weed (we bought it while it was pretty dark) was quite brownish and stuffed in tin foil.







It was just enough for 3 shisha’s, since there weren’t any acts we were interested in (day 0 was the Hungarian music day), we figured we might as well just stick to some beers and smoke some shisha and hopefully make some friends with the neighbors. It was our first weed since we had left Holland anyways, so while it was a pretty bad batch, it nevertheless got us pretty high after which we called it a night and thus day 0 of Sziget had come to an end for us.


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