Sziget Festival, Friday, day 3: Review


Main Stage: Viza (USA)

Friday’s main stage was kicked off by Viza, who played a hard rock repertoire of songs, including a cover of “Alabama Song” (the Doors version). Which was much appreciated by the crowd. The frontman  entertained the crowd while overall they gave a great performance and thus made a good impression.

Check out their cover of “Alabama Song” !

Main Stage: The Vaccines (UK)

I missed The Vaccines at Rock Werchter this year, so when I noticed them again in the line-up for this year’s Sziget, I figured they must be worth it. Playing after Visa’s performance was difficult, but nevertheless it was up to The Vaccines to prove us wrong. This indie-rock band from London, played a good set without too many mistakes, but in the end didn’t manage to really impress me.

OTP Bank Stage: Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra (H)







Guessing by the name, we figured this could be awesome. Thus we set out for the OTP Bank Stage, just behind the Afro-Latin stage. Where we sat down on the hill again and fired up another hash joint. We were positively surprised by this Orchestra, which played many happy ska songs which the crowd definitely seemed to enjoy.

Open Stage: Jack Cannon Blues Band (H)

There were only 15 people I think at this stage, but they actually played simple, but good blues. You can’t just put “Blues” in your band name and not play real blues. So every time a band like this one chooses too, i’m often a bit skeptical, but they played a nice set of their own songs. Next year, I’m sure they can make the step to the Blues Stage.

Blues Stage: Blue Spot (H) & Psycho Mutants (H)

Because we were in a blues mood, the next stop was again going to be blues music. And again we were positively surprised by the two blues band in a row. These luckily played for a larger crowd, which automatically gives a better vibe. We sat down in the grass, ate a pizza slice and smoked another hash joint, then went on to check a little on the Main Stage.

Main Stage: The XX (UK)

While I’m absolutely no fan of their music, I must admit after seeing them earlier on Rock Werchter this summer, that they can play some good music. While it does get boring quickly since many of the songs sounded (to us) the same. They played just after dark, thus a light show was included. Overall, the entertainment value was a little lower, but the quality made up for a lot.

Afro-Latin Stage: Riddim Colony Sound System (H)

We went back to the Afro-Latin stage to chill some more and smoke some hash joints while enjoying some DJ playing reggae tunes. The atmosphere was overall always quite good around here. Probably because most people were high…

A38 Stage: Rizzle Kicks (UK)

We had never heard of the Rizzle Kicks, but since many people were heading into the A38 Stage tent, we figured we might as well join the main stream and see what it was all about. While they are still young, they do have a long way to go if they want me to listen to their music daily. For a Hip-Hop performance however, they did provide a fun atmosphere in the tent.

Blues Stage: Jam Session, Various Artists (H)

For the night we hung around everywhere at the festival island, since most of our navigation was based on alcohol and the hash giving a nice high vibe. We ended up the blues stage at some point and managed to get quite some songs at this session. It was something different for once, which was much appreciated by us and the rest of the crowd.

While Maarten went to bed not long after, me and Gonzo stayed up and eventually ended up going to some bar which was still open with 2 Irish girls. Which was quite fun, but even though we were only 2 hours gone, in the meantime Maarten had put the guitar in my tent, and in those 2 hours our guitar got stolen… I was and still am pretty pissed off about it, but I knew this could happen…

Sadly enough we didn’t take more pictures this day, but we have a lot of footage from day 4 (including Snoop Dogg).


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