Sziget Festival, Saturday, day 4: Review


Main Stage: Naoh and the Whale (UK)






Noah and the Whale is an indie folk band from London, just like Mumford & Sons. Both bands evolved from the same community and thus their music is very similar, so I was very excited when i noticed that they kicked off day 4 on the main stage. Their catchy tunes were highly appreciated by us and the rest of the crowd and overall you could see and hear this band knows what they are doing. Overall, a quality performance, which could’ve been arguably even better if they played around night fall.

Afro-Latin Stage: SKAtch (H)

After Noah and the Whale, we figured we would pay the Afro-Latin stage another visit (btw: if you check out the stage on foursquare, you’ll see the stoned society is the major, yay… 🙂 ), since the next performace we were looking forward to was Sum-41. We smoked our last hash joint here, as we needed enough for in the shisha that we were going to smoke in the Snoop Dogg crowd… Though we got quickly bored and moved to the main stage, but made a stop at the A38 stage first.

A38 Stage: Kakkmaddafakka (N)






I don’t know if it means anything in their native language, what I do know is that it sounds utterly ridiculous. However, if you see a name like this, it does leave you really curious to what kind of music they play. And to everyone’s suprise, it wasn’t as bad as their name. Their music was actually quite fun and we actually had a good time.

Main Stage: Sum 41 (CA)






Sum-41 are a well known band to most people, since everyone knows a few songs at least. While the newer songs are still pretty good, it were of course the “classic” songs. They actually started with a cover of “T.N.T” by AC/DC after which they played “The Hell Song”. And a few songs later the classic “In Too Deep” of course. Overall, still a quality performance even after all the years, Deryck Whibley (the frontman) still seems to have the energy to entertain a whole crowd.

Main Stage: Snoop Dogg

Though where we, as the Stoned Society, really came for was obviously Snoop Lion, or better known by his “old” name: Snoop Dogg. We managed to get the shisha with us pretty close to the front of the stage, filled with hash and shisha tobacco. Now as you are probably thinking, why the fuck would you smoke a shisha at a live concert? Well, we knew how to handle the coal, but it was nevertheless a risky operation. We managed it however. At first the people around us were obviously a little skeptical, but after a few songs and everything went fine. Multiple people gathered (well not really gathered, since it was so crowdy you could barely move) around us for a few hits. We actually wanted to get so close to hand it to Snoop Dogg, but sadly enough our mission failed. But we will return… Everyone was high at that point however and enjoyed his repertoire of new and old songs. In the end, it was all good…







Blues Stage: The Jimi Hendrix Memorial Band

We managed to catch a few songs of Sonja and the Soulbreakers, but it started to get crowdy for the fist real time around the blues stage for the next act. Though Jimi Hendrix himself isn’t with us for quite a while now, even a memorial band seems to be able to attract a vast crowd. While nobody can get really close to the real Jimi Hendrix way of playing “Hey Joe”, “Purple Haze” and all of the other Jimmi Hendrix songs, they had an okay attempt.


The rest of the night we mostly spend mastering our drunken selves and trying not to trip while dancing in the Arena, after which we got back home around dawn. Me and Gonzo decided for the second time in a row outside of our tents because of the heat. While the temperature had dropped a lot already if you compare it to the week before, but it was nevertheless quite warm again quickly in the morning.


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