Sziget Festival, Thursday, day 2: Review


Afro-Latin Stage: Super Starsky (H)

When we woke up and had our usual coffee and a hamburger (the breakfast, kind off…), we figured it’d be fun to be at 4.20 PM at the Afro-Latin stage and to go for a smoke. We almost missed the moment, but we were just in time. Super Starsky is a Hungarian reggea and ska cover band, so while we weren’t stunned by their performance, but then again it was the first performance of the day at this stage, and some covers were pretty good so we picked up a nice high vibe.

Main Stage: Caro Emerald (NL)

After a few beers and 2 hash joints we managed to see the last 2 songs of Caro Emerald. While the quality was definitely good, I can’t help but wonder what they thought when they booked this artist. But i guess that’s the influence of the mainstream. Though, if you compare it to acts like LMFAO (Saturday), I prefer to hear this.

Since it was evening again, we picked up some food, sat down at our tents and wait for the next act, which looked promising since Maarten said he knew a song or 2.

Main Stage:Maxïmo Park (UK)

This alternative rock band from Newcastle, was a welcome change as their tunes lured many people to the main stage. To me it sounded a lot like the Editors (except for the fact the Editors are from an entirely different level) and overall secured of a good vibe in the crowd. The Frontman, Paul Smith, was in charge of entertaining the audience and did a good job. While I won’t add them (yet?) to my regular playlist, they might at some point.

Afro-Latin Stage: Riddim Colony (H)

Like the first few acts on the blues stage, we still hadn’t seen a real reggea performance at the Afro-Latin stage, but luckily we were in time to see this upcoming Hungarian Reggea band Riddim Colony, with frontman Gregory GRas. The music wasn’t anything new, but the frontman delivered a great performance. The interaction with the crowd was awesome, at some point he asked the whole crowd to pack at the right side of the stage and on his call, everyone hopped to the left side. We were all 3 there and had a lot of fun, except for the dust flying everywhere and you’d be coughing up sand later. Then again that problem was easily solved by getting another beverage.


Main Stage: Korn (USA)

None of us is a Korn fan, but since they’re still a big name in the festival scene, we figured we were by then drunk and high enough to probably enjoy it anyways. The biggest surprise came when they suddenly started to play Pink Floyd’s “Another Brick In The Wall Pt.1”, after which they played Pt.2, some other song and later played Pt.3. Overall, we did enjoy it, though nobody can really cover Pink Floyd obviously. But then again, that wasn’t their point as it was merely a hard rock remake, while still maintaining the recognizable Pink Floyd hit’s base.

Afro-Latin Stage: Joint Forces (H/DOM)

Gonzo thought he had read “Joint Venture”, but he made an obvious mistake. Probably due to the hash and the beer starting to kick in pretty good. We drank some more and danced around on the beats of Joint Forces after which we headed into the night.


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