The Stoned Society Music Project


As we all know music and marijuana or psychedelics are closely related. Whether you are making music or listening to it, you feel more connected to it.

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Hello performers and music enthusiasts. The Stoned Society is about to set up a music section, featuring starting bands making quality music. Stoner music can appear in many genres, in its broadest sense it is everything you would want to listen to while under the influence.

Bands will be featured with an interview and their top songs.

It is would be great if you already have an album released, preferably streamable on streaming services like Spotify, Itunes or your Youtube Channel (even better, all..).  However, even if you don’t have an album but do have some material to share (live material or Youtube) , contact us and we will try to help your band gain more fans across your social media and website.

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Interested,  or do you know someone who might be? Get in touch with us on TwitterFacebook  or email to editors(at)thestonedsociety(d0t)com. We will listen to your music, and make a decision on whether it is fitting to be featured on the site!

Stay high, stay tuned…