Pink Floyd’s “new” album The Endless River out now and worth checking out

So light up, turn the volume up, and hit play on Pink Floyd's latest: The Endless River.

Image via imgur

Pink Floyd is often credited as one of the go-to bands for stoners and they’re right, The Dark Side of The Moon, The Wall, Animals, Wish You Were Here and so on are all incredible albums on their own, but even more so on marijuana.

Pink_Floyd_-_The_Endless_River_(Artwork)But while the band never really admitted to using marijuana much themselves and are rather known for their (well, and Syd’s) psychedelic use, The Endless River is more of a continuation in the style of The Dark Side of the Moon.

And it’s incredible. I’m a big Pink Floyd fan and I admit I was kinda worried about this release seeing how The Division Bell was a perfect end to their career, but a couple of songs in already convinced me. Finishing the album I was left with joy.

If you got the chance, you can check the album out now on Spotify by clicking through the source below.