Much until up to this summer we’ve mostly covered cannabis friendly festivals and cannabis culture events. But after all, we’re The Stoned Society and we can’t forget about our psychedelic side. So after we already covered Beyond festival earlier this summer, Psy Fi was the psychedelic festival everyone was buzzing about.

Much to our delight, we were welcome to do a report on the 2016 edition. Because we only got tickets for the weekend, this report is based on not only our own experiences, but also conversations with experienced psytrance festival goers, volunteers and the organisation. Together with a photographer, we try to capture what you’ve missed (or didn’t see).

Dancing in front at the Main Stage
Dancing in front at the Main Stage. Picture: @inge_dekker

Festival Area

These spaced out roofs are a spectacular sight to see, while air still flows through and so can and does the sun and rain

The festival terrain was easily accessible. Arriving by train and being able to take the shuttle bus for only a couple of euros, was very welcome. Of course there were some hiccups when everyone started to arrive for the festival (I heard), but then again what do you expect. More worrisome were the car searches done by the security. Although when the festival was underway, we didn’t experience any uncomfortable moments with the security. Too because we hired lockers to store our bags (5 euros a day). The camping was well packed, had a good atmosphere and in some parts parties going on all night. But you could very well catch your peace and quiet if that’s what you sought. This year also saw improvements for the toilet and showering area, which I didn’t use myself much but people seemed happy to queue and use the facilities.

Entering the festival area, you stumble upon the supermarket first with the main stage to your right. These spaced out roofs are a spectacular sight to see, while air still flows through and so can and does the sun and rain. But even the latter was welcomed, with temperatures constantly over 30 degrees Celsius for this edition (except for Sunday).

Sunset over the Psy Fi roof
Sunset over the Psy Fi roof. Picture: @inge_dekker

Going to the left at the supermarket, you would head to the silent disco stage which had a different theme every day and continued all night long.


Just when we arrived, RITMO was playing a wicked set on the main stage.

The main stage DJ’s point of view. Picture: @inge_dekker

‘the most beautiful thing about this festival is how you can easily walk around here barefeet’

Talking to an experienced psychonautic traveler, arguably the only downside was the relatively low volume and early closing hours for the night. There was little choice for the organisation, as neighbors and local political parties voiced complaints. They didn’t mind the music for a few days, but 5 days 24/7 Goa music was simply too much. Even Leeuwarden’s Mayor came to visit the festival, which deserves a hat tip to the organisation. One of the quotes I picked up was ‘the most beautiful thing about this festival is how you can easily walk around here barefeet’, referring to how clean the festival area is.

Honorable mentions music wise are there for Astrix, Ace Ventura, 1200 Micrograms and Juno Reactor. The latter’s show was limited by the size of the stage unfortunately though.

Main Stage at day time
Main Stage at day time. Picture: @inge_dekker

Late at night, you could choose to head for the silent disco, random parties at the camping or join one of the many drum circles going on. Especially the drum circles at the Spirit Gathering area receive hereby a worthy shout-out!

Digeridoo! Picture: @inge_dekker

Food, Drinks and Market

Continuing your walk past the main stage, following the water,  you’d stumble upon the market first. The market offers a variety of vendors, with of course a lot of psychedelic clothing and jewelry. If you wanted, you could even get yourself a piercing or tattoo.

Food wise, you certainly wouldn’t starve. There’s plenty of affordable food, ranging from the most healthy, vegan options to meat, fish and things like crepes. And of course breakfast options. The price was definitely on average lower than you’d expect at Dutch festivals. A big plus.

One of the colorful catering stalls. Picture: @inge_dekker

Because of the heat, free water was supplied and there were places where you could refill your bottle. Beer was fairly expensive though, at 3 euro’s a glass. Then again, not a lot of beer is consumed and it’s a mind narrowing drug anyways.

Bhang on the other hand, you could actually find on the market too. I drank one portion, but didn’t feel much though. Perhaps my tolerance level is up too high…

Shout-out too to Laih Laih ‘s Happy Belly, a familiar face from the Cannabis Liberation Day in Amsterdam catering. We had an excellent, joyful lunch there on Saturday!

The Psy Fi market by night.
The Psy Fi market by night.  Picture: @inge_dekker


There’s inherently so much love going around at Psy Fi, it would be difficult not to be elevated after you have done a tour of the festival area.

Whether people would be hugging, (naked) swimming, taking their kids with them, doing intimate yoga: everywhere you would see, feel and enjoy love.

If you’re in a sad place right now, check out the slideshow below and maybe the fever catches on!


Of course, we need to talk about drugs. As mentioned above, Bhang is out there for people who want to try. But there’s actually a full-on Smartshop (Repelsteeltje) onsite, selling various trippy products…

Smartshop onsite at the Psy Fi festival area
Smartshop onsite at the Psy Fi festival area.Picture: @inge_dekker

Important to mention in this section are the Psy Care facilities, ran by the German Drug Scouts. I learned they travel from festival to festival, averaging at about 150 cases per festival. Drug testing in the Netherlands isn’t allowed by law, which they do offer at other festivals. Googling the organisation, I found this Q&A on Reddit worth reading in case you want to learn more.

Psy Care facilities, in case you go 'bad'.
Psy Care facilities, in case you go ‘bad’. Picture: @inge_dekker

There were various ceremonies going on on the festival terrain as well, with and without drugs.

Magic Mushroom Ceremories and lectures at the Mushroom Tipi. Picture: @inge_dekker

Whether you’d be into Yoga, meditation, lectures, sweat lodges and whatnot, there’d be something interesting going on somewhere at the festival area.

Yoga ritual at the Spirit Gathering. Picture: @inge_dekker

It can be quite a challenge to actually get to the right place on time, but that’s up to you of course.

Hula Hoop dancing sessions on the sacred island
Hula Hoop dancing sessions on the sacred island. Picture: @inge_dekker

Last words

Psy Fi festival 2016 was an experience to never forget. The festival area (De Groene Ster) was the utmost beautiful terrain imaginable and I can only hope Psy Fi is allowed to return here for many years. Deep down it fits the spirit of the Friesland province too. Freedom really is here…

And if you buy tickets between now and January 1st 2017, tickets are only 80 euros. For a 5 days festival, that’s a bargain.