EINDHOVEN – The Koos Zwart Award 2016 goes to Rick Simpson, one of the world’s leading pioneers in the field of medicinal cannabis oil. The PCN awards the prize annually to someone who has made an exceptional contribution to legalization and normalization of cannabis. Simpson will be coming to the Netherlands for the ceremony, during the eighth Cannabis Liberation Day in Amsterdam on June 12.

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Rick Simpson contributed like few others in the dissemination of knowledge on medicinal cannabis oil. Many people call this oil even “RSO” Rick Simpson Oil. After he had swallowed years of heavy medication against cancer, Simpson decided in the late nineties to make highly concentrated oil-based cannabis. The results were so impressive that he has since devoted his life to this natural medicine.

Many people call this oil even “RSO” Rick Simpson Oil

Smoking or vaporizing is not necessary; a few drops under the tongue is sufficient so that the plea is also applicable for the elderly and children. The amazing results of cannabis oil in severely epileptic children has received much attention in the US. His native Canada, Simpson said goodbye; He has since been living for a few years in Croatia. His videos, especially the documentary Run from the Cure: the Rick Simpson Storyhave been viewed millions of times on the Internet.

Rick Simpson raises controversy, especially his claim that cannabis can cure cancer. Some put him off as a charlatan, others feel that he deserves a Nobel Prize. One thing is certain: medical cannabis oil is an unstoppable force, helping millions of people with relief from pain, improved sleep and appetite, relaxation of muscles and other positive effects. And Rick Simpson plays in that force a pioneering role.

This will be his first public appearance in the Netherlands

Rick Simpson will receive the Koos Zwart Award 2016 on Cannabis Liberation Day, Sunday, June 12th, in the Flevopark in Amsterdam. This will be his first public appearance in the Netherlands. 

After the death of Koos Zwart (1947-2014) the PCN concluded it would name it’s annual “PCN Award’ after him. Zwart was for years advisor to the PCN and continued his life in rational and pragmatic drug policy. Previous winners of the prize are Doede de Jong (2014) and Ben Dronkers (2015).

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Cannabis Liberation Day, 8th edition
Sunday, June 12, 2-10 pm, Flevopark, Amsterdam
Admission: Free. Website: www.cannabisliberationday.org