Stirring The Pot: Purple Drink Budder + Amager/Mikkeller Stout [Column]

The ninth pairing in our weekly Food & Drinks column: Stirring The Pot. Today, Ed combines Purple Drink Budder and Amager/Mikkeller Stout!


Hello everyone!

budderandstoutWow, do I have a treat of a pairing to tell you about today! I’ve paired Amager/Mikkeller’s Hr. Frederiksens Væsel Brunch Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout with Purple Drink budder (Purps x Juicy Fruit) from GroundSwell here in Denver. The beer is the bourbon barrel aged version of this same beer that’s being offered without that compliment, and I believe the only collaboration beer that Amager and Mikkeller have produced together. The label is awesome (Like most of Mikkeller’s stuff) and just cracking this open I know I’m in for a serious stout treat.

The budder meanwhile when the container is opened offers up a fuel-like aroma with a hint of raisins and grapes. Excellent consistency, and it’s perfect for taking dabs or to fill your vape pen with. Really, it doesn’t seem to matter which lab or company does extractions from the trim at GroundSwell, because the quality of the product being produced is always world class, and this smokes as good as any budder I’ve ever tried from them or anyone else here in Colorado.


I begin by pouring my stout into my new stout glass I got a while back. Love this thing, and it’s literally the world’s most scientifically accurate stout glass for taste and flavor retention. The beer pours a midnight black color, dark as used engine oil, but not quite as thick. The head is incredible, about a half inch of thick, espresso like foam, dark red in color. I also, while taking a photo or two, stuff up my vape pen with the Purple Drink budder.

Starting with the budder, I can feel my lungs filling with sweet smoke, the flavors of sugared grapes, gasoline, and ripe cherries linger on the palate as I exhale into flavors of smoked raisins and candied almonds. Very, very nice. Then I take a sip of the stout. WHOA. Immediately I can taste the malts they used, lots of chocolate, a hint of some good bourbon, great oak characteristics, and with the smoke, hints of cream on the aftertaste. Then I take another fine rip of the budder. Now I’m getting the flavors of smoked oak, cherry pie, grapes and bourbon soaked plums. The smoke from the budder and this stout together are incredible. So many flavors are dancing around that I don’t even have the words or experience to accurately describe them. Which is rare given that I have tried so many foods, drinks, and smoke over the years. Now I begin to go back and forth between the two. Along with the flavor notes I describe above, I’m also getting a lot of espresso beans, chocolate covered espresso beans, bitter oak, candy canes and a multiple range of flavors centering around all varieties of dark chocolate. Hints of grape liquor and vanilla also present themselves late into the pairing. Simply amazing, and yet another example of why I think it’s so important to shed light on the pairing of these incredible terpene retentive hashes with the incredibly varied world of craft beers.


Truly, I’m blown away. I’m left with an extremely relaxing buzz from the two. Just stoned enough to be relaxed, and just buzzed enough from the barrel aged stout to be alert and awake at the same time. This would be a great combo at night when the party is winding down and you’re not ready for sleep yet, but you’re also done raging hardcore as well. Mikkeller and Amager just crushed it with the stout, and aging it in bourbon barrels only added that extra level of excellent flavoring. The budder meanwhile as I already stated is about as world class as you can get. So please head to GroundSwell in Denver if you happen to have your red card here in Colorado, as you will be very impressed with their determination to achieve the highest quality Denver can offer. The beer will be easier to find, so ask around at your local beer shack or liquor store and see if they can carry it. Personally I plan to go buy more of the budder and stout this week as soon as I sober up!

I hope you enjoyed, and till next time: May your pipe never get cashed, and may your glass never empty!

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