Stirring The Pot: Cherry Lime Kush Budder + Almond Currant Saffron Ice Cream [Column]

The sixth pairing in our weekly Food & Drinks column: Stirring The Pot. Today, Ed combines Cherry Lime Kush and Almond Currant Saffron Ice Cream!


Hello everyone! I hope your ‘holiday’ weekend was filled with lots of smoke clouds and that you were able to stay alive with all the events and parties going on. It was pretty incredible on my end, going to both the Denver Cannabis Cup as well as the 420 rally at the Civic Center Park. I also managed to squeeze in trips to Crooked Stave and Great Divide over the weekend. Talk about being tired.

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Cherry Lime Kush Budder + Almond Currant Saffron Ice Cream
Cherry Lime Kush Budder + Almond Currant Saffron Ice Cream

Today I have a pairing to share with you that I enjoyed recently. It’s an almond currant saffron ice cream from the great people at Sweet Action Ice Cream on Broadway in Denver, and pairing that with just the LAST bit of Cherry Lime Kush budder that I’ve been holding onto for a while now. (Side note: I managed to acquire some Cherry Lime Kush marijuana for another pairing I’m doing soon.) The Cherry Lime Kush from GroundSwell dispensary on Colfax is a Nepalese strain crossed with an Afghan kush. 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Super tasting strain across the board, so I’m sure this pairing will go well.

I begin with a hit of the budder first. Right away I’m struck by the sweetness of the smoke. Flavors of limes, citrus and grapes permeate the palate, and on exhale I get the smokey flavors of charred fruits. Very nice. Then I dive into the ice cream.


The balance here of the saffron and bitter sweetness of the currants is immediately noticeable. A creaminess with a slight lingering hint from the budder, a taste of tart grapes perhaps. I go with another toke of the budder now. Here the full arsenal of flavors begins to truly shine. The almost honey like flavors of the saffron begin to meld into an earthy nuttiness from the almonds, but also swirling in there are the notes of limes, ripe cherries, and diesel fuel. Very nice indeed. Now I dive back into the ice cream and I’m met with a bite filled with currants, their tartness balancing incredibly well with the sweet cherry like smoke of the budder. A few more tokes coming and I’m now tasting roasted cashews with drizzled syrup, which exhales into an amazing combo of ripe blueberries and mint.

As I finish both of the ‘bowls’, I’m left extremely satisfied with the way these two paired up. Both were able to not only complement one another, but also create combos of flavors that really threw my taste buds for a real loop. I was not expecting as the pairing went on to taste things like cashews, blueberries, or mint, but there they were, hidden, but striking out as my palate became adjusted to both sources. Really nice.

Cherry Lime Kush Budder
Cherry Lime Kush Budder

The high was also very nice, mellow, like a muscle relaxer, my body felt very relaxed, but not to the point of having excessive couch lock. I could totally get up right now and perform most functions just fine. This strain is excellent for listening to music on. As soon as the pairing is finished I’m finding myself searching for some jazz albums and put this baby on: Miles Davis – Agharta.

Now I’m just relaxing with this awesome buzz, some Miles, and my palate is quenched. I hope you enjoyed this pairing, and as always, if you’re in Denver, I would definitely recommend Sweet Action for their diverse assortment of great flavors, and GroundSwell for their world-class quality medicinal marijuana and hashes. Have a great day everyone!