Stirring The Pot: Golden Goat Marijuana paired with Superpower IPA [Column]

Hello everyone! I have a killer pairing to describe for you today. I’ve paired Golden Goat (Romulan X Island Sweet Skunk) from GroundSwell on Colfax with Superpower IPA from a new Denver establishment Comrade Brewing Company.


I’ve had the IPA before, and really enjoyed it. I’ve been looking around for just the right strain to pair it with, and no doubt, Golden Goat will be up to the task.

Golden Goat Marijuana Superpower IPA
Golden Goat Marijuana & Superpower IPA

For this pairing I wanted to go with something a little different so I’m going to blaze up a joint instead of hit my bowl. I will lose some of the flavor most likely about 2/3rds of the way through it, but the hits I take ahead of that will be very crisp and flavorful. As you can see from the photos attached, this may very well be the best example of the Golden Goat strain that I’ve ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on and smoking. The IPA when poured as you can see, has a nice dirty copper color to it, with just a little pearl colored lacing. Side note: I’ve been very impressed with Comrade’s beers that I’ve had so far, as their stout and black IPA were also top class.

I start with a couple of sips from the glass of beer. Intense is probably the best word I’d use to describe this IPA. Thick pine resin aroma and taste, as if in one sip the entire Pacific Northwest forests were condensed into an alcoholic beverage for my consumption. I spark up that joint and be sure to blow the paper hit out as quickly as possible. My first inhale of the now well-lit ‘marijuana cigarette’ fills my lungs with the sensation of tasting mangoes, kiwis, and thanks to the beer I believe, the taste of orange cream. Holy shit was that incredible. I sip the beer again with the smoke still lingering in my mouth. the momentous hop flavors just begin to cascade across my taste buds, the hints of lemon, floral notes, and dank forest floor dance around like a rave circa 1997.

Hitting the joint a few more times to really grasp that citrus-y, sweet and creamy smoke before the joint reaches the point of no return from a real flavor perspective, I really commend the people at GroundSwell for just focusing so intensely on this strain to perfect it the way they have. The buzz is immediate, pleasant, psychedelic, quiet, yet warm and inviting.

Golden Goat Marijuana & Superpower IPA
Golden Goat Marijuana & Superpower IPA

Hints of grapefruit, malts, pepper and hops come forward in flavor as I go back and forth between the two. When the joint is finished, I feel really good. Who’s up for tacos?

No really, tacos sound AMAZING. Testament to Golden Goat for creating a huge appetite. The beer is still top quality at the bottom of the glass, so I finish that to pour another. Definitely one of the better IPA’s I’ve had since moving to Denver, and definitely the best west coast IPA I’ve had maybe ever. One of the best pairings I’ve done, no bull. I will definitely be getting Golden Goat and more Superpower IPA in the future. The clean, but heady buzz of the IPA and the steady, mildly psychedelic buzz from the Golden Goat go well together so long as you don’t go overboard with either.

That’s it for this installment, it’s time for me to get some tacos, but as always, you can get this Golden Goat from GroundSwell on Colfax here in Denver, and Comrade Brewing Company can be found here.

Puff puff sip!