Stirring The Pot: Love Potion 1.2 budder + Samael’s Oak Aged Ale

The fifth pairing in our weekly Food & Drinks column: Stirring The Pot. Today, Ed combines Love Potion 1.2 budder and Samael’s Oak Aged Ale.


Hi again everyone, I have an exquisite pairing for you all today, it’s Samael’s Oak Aged Ale, a strong English ale brewed with Columbus, Fuggels hops and two-row barley with Love Potion 1.2 budder, made from the strain (G13 X Santa Marta Columbian Gold) which won the first prize for sativa at the 2004 Cannabis Cup. The budder smells like, well, butter, but sweeter, creamy, with a hint of gasoline and sharp mint. So this should be fucking awesome.

Love Potion 1.2 budder
Love Potion 1.2 budder
Samael’s Oak Aged Ale
Samael’s Oak Aged Ale

I pack the vape pen up with a good amount of budder, and then take my time pouring out the Samael’s into the glass. Immediately the smell of alcohol, caramel, and breads soaked in spiked cherries.

I decide to go with a sip of the Samael’s, and I’m hit by the sugary fruits, like plums, prunes, and bananas just oozing through the palate, the slow, but roaring burn of the alcohol fueling the flavors with a spice also complemented by a vanilla note in the oak from the aftertaste. Wow. The Demon’s ale indeed.

Now I take a rip of the Love Potion.  Upon the inhale I’m met with the flavor of fresh water, only in smoke form, a hint of sweetness on the edge. Then on the exhale, the flavors of the beer combine in my mouth to form this Voltron like form of flavor awesomeness. The alcohol from the ale, burned with the fuel and citrus flavors on the exhale that also ignited the burnt sugar dipped apple flavors and bourbon soaked bread pudding notes at the very end. Just incredible. The beer is like a (16%) beast, that tastes like a dessert of the best kind.

stirringpotaleA few more sips of the beer, and I take two incredibly massive rips of the budder. Now, the taste of sour cherries, smoked oak, and almonds come through, and the overall sweetness continues to shine. If there is a negative to take from it, it’s that the sugar in the beer never seems to mellow, and it remains extremely sweet on every sip. Towards the end, the beer thickened like molasses, which wasn’t too bad when the concentration of the ale flavors paired with the dying hits of the vape pen which accentuated the oak to really intense levels, like wood soaked in cherry brandy.

Now, the beer could do with some aging, but Avery yet again does a great batch of Samael’s. Love Potion 1.2 itself is a strong sativa, very heady, and combined with the oncoming train of the syrupy, almost absinthe like effects of the Demon Samael makes for a potent combo of psychoactive effects. My muscles are relaxed, but the mind is alert and effective, a pleasant haze over the conscious much like an opiate.

Now I put on some of Massive Attack’s album Mezzanine and let the beats take me into head nod zone, very happy with this tasty pairing.

Massive Attack – Rising Son. (Fucking great weed music)

Until next time!……..Now where did I put my hummus? Who the fuck stole my hummus??