Stirring The Pot: Nightmare On Brett Beer + Purple Cotton Flake

The second pairing in a new weekly Food & Drinks column: Stirring The Pot. Today, Ed combines Crooked Stave beer and Purple Cotton (Purple Kush x Cotton Candy) flake!


Hello everyone, I hope your weekend was filled with fun, and at the least, some good smoke or good beers! Maybe both?

tumblr_n1imrh91Ug1tpws54o2_1280For this pairing I’m combining Purple Cotton (Purple Kush x Cotton Candy) flake from Groundswell dispensary on Colfax with Nightmare on Brett, a dark sour aged in Leopold Bros whiskey barrels from Crooked Stave brewing in Denver. If you’ve never tried a Crooked Stave beer, I highly suggest looking for them at your local liquor store, and if they don’t carry them, ask for them to. I’ve yet to have a bad beer from them.

Upon first opening the flake container, the smells of raspberries, fuel, and sugary grape juice fill the nose. An extremely pleasant aroma that should pair very well with this particular beer. Now I’m opening and pouring out the Nightmare on Brett into my glass, noticing immediately the dark violet color of the beer, a strong resemblance to Grape Crush (the soda) in tone.

While packing the flake into my vape pen, I take a moment to savor the aromas emanating from the glass. The smells of cherry cordial, sour apples and oak fill the nostrils. I notice how quickly the head disappeared, and there is no lacing to be seen.

Purple Cotton Flake
Purple Cotton Flake

Now I’m taking a good sized rip of Purple Cotton flake. The vapor is fruity and citrusy, the flavors of grape, pears, and even a hint of wildfire smoke permeate around my mouth as I breathe it out through my nose. I go right away after the rip towards the beer. I take a sip and let it dance around my palate. The fruits from the smoke combine with the sourness of the beer to create lush cherries, molasses, and even plantains in the incredibly complex flavors.

Despite the lack of carbonation on the surface of the beer, it has a nice crispness to it when you do take a sip. I follow with a few more sips of the beer as the complexities were hard to nail down with just the first taste. Soon more apples, whisky, oak and plums come out, especially when I tossed in another rip of the Purple Cotton. Now as I go back and forth between the two, I feel like I’m being treated to a smoky, yet sour fruit salad in my mouth, as if every fruit I’m tasting is at a rave dancing to a DJ with huge speakers.

I’m left after finishing the two with a most satisfying buzz, and a palate quenched. Really, it was like my taste buds were having trouble analyzing each specific amazing flavor, and were almost creating new fruit tones just to be able to comprehend the madness of pairing Purple Cotton with Nightmare on Brett. A definite winning combo, and one I hope you give a try.

I know I will again.